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Rio Nido Magic - July 2016


Rio Nido Magic - July 2016

by Elena Chronis

Never a dull moment

This summer is turning out to be very eventful. Throngs of summer revelers are descending upon Rio Nido. I can’t say that I blame them. With the warm weather, close proximity to the ocean, beach, wineries and restaurants it’s a given. Home prices have skyrocketed like crazy here with two bedroom homes pricing out in the mid to high $500,000’s. Its beautiful here and private. I love taking walks with my Rottweilers in the wee hours of the morning when its nice and brisk out or the evenings when its cooled down. Strolling through the neighborhood and seeing all my neighbors is a daily habit. I’ve lived in the City and Marin but RN is where my heart belongs. Grateful for the caring, loving and all around good friends and neighbors I have made here. Too many to mention! Each and every day living here under the redwoods is a happy blessing.

Attn: Rio Nido & River Artists and Craftsfolks:

This year’s RN Art Show is coming to RN on Sunday, August 7th from 9:30am to 2:00pm. As in the past it will be held along with the RN HOA’s “FABULOUS” pancake breakfast in the HOA picnic area. FUN, FUN FUN!!  Please contact the talented Beverly Bird to register for a space or a table at:

Tribute to Clare Harris at the Guerneville Bank Club

Last month the Russian River Historical Society paid tribute to Clare Harris, long time owner of Johnson’s Beach. A beautiful reception was held in the Guerneville Bank Club’s banquet room with excellent appetizers, free flowing delicious champagne, memorabilia and great conversation. Long time historian John Schubert was our host. Many Rio Nidans and Guerneville locals were in attendance. Debra Johnson, Kim Holliday, Crista Luedke, John Uniack, Pip Marquez De La Plata, Donavan Schmandra, Larry Tocmakidis, Elena Chronis, Nate and Ingrid Emming to name a few. It was a memorable fun-filled evening. SO love this town. Too many great people to mention.

A Big Thanks to the Rio Nido HomeOwners Association

The May 29th HOA Chicken BBQ was a big success. The throngs of families that came to the first picnic of the summer was impressive. The June 19th Pancake Breakfast was a great way to start a Sunday morning. Great conversation flowed and the mood in RN was cheerful. Neighbors and visitors alike were having a wonderful time enjoying the food, drink and company. Don’t forget to come out to the Hamburger and Hot Dog BBQ on July 2nd. Make sure to get the little wee itty bittys out to play some Pee Wee Golf. Its definitely happening this summer. A huge thank you goes out to Douglas Misner, President of the HOA, Beverly Bird, John Colonico and all the volunteers who assisted with these events. If you haven’t attended, you are missing out on RN tradition. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Rio Nido Pet of the Month

There is a very special boy in town. His name is Zeus. Zeus, the Rottweiler was rescued from an abandoned home in Vallejo, Ca. He was left to fend for himself along with his sister. A good samaritan took care of him for a short time until he had to leave town. My heart broke when I heard of this news and decided to take a drive and rescue this little guy. The minute I saw him there was an instant bond. He is a gentle soul and is very caring with his tiny chihuahua sisters and is quite the loving bear. He is a handsome boy and is a block head rotty. He is still a pup and loves to play with his older brother Jesse James. They run around the fenced property like Yin and Yang, frolick and box with one another and play tug of war with ropes. He has a healthy appetite. He is still a baby boy (don’t let his size fool you) and runs fast. He came to us well mannered and fiercely protects his domain. Let’s all give Zeus a warm RN welcome.