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North Coast Winds - Robin Joy Wellman - July 2016


North Coast Winds - Robin Joy Wellman - July 2016

Lock your cars! The ever abundant plum trees in our neighborhood are out of control this year and you can’t give these good, ripe, juicy, and organic plums away. Well, except for a few places. I can’t see them going to waste – not one plum – so I contacted Redwood Gospel Mission in Santa Rosa and they will graciously take them. Yeah! If your garden veggies and fruits are more than you can handle please consider the providers of free meals to our neighbors. I am often reminded how blessed we all are to live in such an amazing place with truly gifted, caring, talented, and resourceful people. The people around me live a life that believes in the best in people, believe that people inherently want to do well in the world, be a part of something, and live for purpose. Folks, look around you and find the good. We need this in our hearts and souls. The Sonoma/Mendo Coast has this livelihood all around us. This month I want to offer a shout out to two programs that really reach this goal. One is an individual family and the other is a government organization.

Many of our local folks may have heard the great interview by Peggy Berryhill on KGUA radio with Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi. She and her husband, Casey Mazzucchi, have created a world of almost zero carbon footprint in it’s true essence. To simplify it, they produce the wool, spin it themselves, and create the products. They are most likely the only ranch in California of this size doing their own milling. In speaking with Ariana I asked her what her favorite part of her day might be and she said ‘getting outside’ and when all things go well. They recently moved from Skyhorse Ranch in Valley Ford to the Point Arena area now calling the home the Casari Ranch. They are now thinking of creating an ‘agricultural healing center by reconnecting land and nature through agricultural – all related – all connected. “I enjoy sharing my love of animals, land and nature with anyone who crosses my path. My mission is to re-connect people to the natural world for the sake of saving the Great Mother Earth and all of her creations…” Ariana and Casey have truly built a world of love and warmth. They host retreats, have written several books on horsemanship, have amazing products such as pillows, pads, and more at super great prices, host weddings, workshops and classes, spirit retreats, farm stays, and a wool festival. Here is their website for more information about these great people: So glad you are a part of our coast. 

Our next highlight is CalFresh, a state government owned program that is trying to do good and succeeding. People who qualify will be able to purchase food at local stores, farmers markets, and any company that takes a debit card. The individual and family incentive is to eat healthy foods. It is easy to apply, as the qualifications are easier than most programs. CalFresh hopes to have a workshop in our area soon. Please contact them at their website at or call them at 707-284-3850 x174 to sign up or to get more info for friends and family. 

To continue with the local talent the Global Harmony Summer Camp is bringing together children in our community with amazing artists and teachers. Classes in the past have included: culinary arts, beading, drumming, mask making, portrait painting and much, much more. Visit for more info and to sign up. If you have grandkids coming to the coast this is a must. The Auto Show, one of the best on the coast, is July 16th at the Art Center. Truly something for all ages including! What could be better – award-winning cars, good food, and redwoods to boot. For more info visit

If you want a down home – and I mean down home – firework display that is one of the best and longest displays ever – then you will want to partake in the Point Arena Fireworks Show and Festival July 2nd from 4pm to 1pm. There is a $10 charge and well worth it to keep the quality of the five star show on our coast. Presale of tickets made available online through Brown Paper Tickets: and in some local businesses. They have street vendors with food, games and painting for the young at heart, arts and crafts and a lineup of good music. In my many years living on the coast this is the best show hands down. Even if it happens to be a little bit foggy the fireworks are so close the show is like diamonds in the sky dripping over the ocean. It is a little tricky for parking and getting to the event site – They have a shuttle which is encouraged. The annual Point Arena Street Parade will be held at noon on Sunday, July 3rd.  To volunteer, become a vendor, or to be in the parade for Point Arena Celebration please contact City Hall at 707.882.2122 or or 

I would be remiss to not mention the wonderful Fort Ross Festival hosted by California State Parks and the Fort Ross Conservancy. Over 80 costumed people in the fort compound, beer garden, salad bar and other great good, free horse and buggy rides, and much more. Please visit for all the updated information. 

And Last – I want to give a shout out to Liz Perillat, our home town gal, for delivering the Gazette to our coastal businesses. You are awesome. Living, loving, sharing – this is home.