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St Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Thrift Store

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St Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Thrift Store

By Sylvia WynnLindeman

I broke my favorite floor lamp (long story) and while I set another lamp on the table beside my reading chair – it just wasn’t the same. Fast forward a month and find me at the St Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Thrift Store in Rohnert Park, admiring the many recent upgrades I’d just learned about.

Fresh paint – check – wall after wall of cheery SVdP-blue shelving packed with household goods from the standard to the sublime – check – the new art display; their extensive book section; two big racks of vinyl any collector would kill for- check, check and check; sparkling row after sparkling row of racks loaded with quality clothing for every family member – check – shoes, bags, belts, ties, sports memorabilia, sports equipment, toys – check, check, check.  

Attention piqued, I cruise an entire wall of electronics – all tested and bargain priced – everything from complete stereo systems and flat screen televisions to pressure cookers and electric pencil sharpeners.  

Up front the upbeat, friendly cashiers are helping customers select pieces from a beautiful array of jewelry and collectibles but when my eye is drawn to the window display – matching suede chairs grouped with an engraved coffee table – I head for the furniture showroom.  Here I resist upgrading my desk to one of several high end sets on sale for a song, round a corner and come face to face with the floor lamp of my dreams! 

But no – not just another lamp like mine but instead its classier, upscale sibling. Marked at $9.98 and apparently just waiting for me, here sits the lamp I fell in love with thirty years ago but – at $279 then – could not afford. Awash in de ja vu, I catch my breath and, heart racing, lug its sleek brassiness up to the cashier who examines its tag and cheerfully announces, “That’ll be $4.99, please!”  

My point? This is not our mother’s “second hand store”. This place is loaded with bargains that you and your family need every day and treasures that will send your pulse into orbit! And the kicker? The proceeds from your shopping adventure feed the hungry of Sonoma County. Daily.

As in – 300 people who would otherwise not eat – enjoy a hot, nutritious meal and are treated with respect by those who serve them – 365 days a year at the St Vincent de Paul Dining Room in Santa Rosa.  Who are these people? They are our neighbors and friends, people we pass every day on the street and people who work – sometimes more than one job - but still cannot consistently afford both housing and food. 

SVdP is the nutritional life line for the charming retiree on your block who must choose between a utility bill or a meal; the single working parent; the veteran back from the front but not yet back to work; and anyone else who is hungry. 

So – go! Shop! Delight in your own Buy of the Decade – then revel in the Good Works your dollars make possible.