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Bringing Global Climate Science to Local Resource Managers


Bringing Global Climate Science to Local Resource Managers

By Tom Greco, Communications Manager

We’ve all heard that climate change poses serious threats to our ecosystems and the vital services they provide. But what exactly are those threats, and how will they play out on the local level? What actions can we take now to prepare?

Pepperwood’s TBC3 science team, the Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority (RCPA), Regional Parks, the Open Space District and over a dozen cities and other local resource agencies have teamed up to answer these questions with the deployment of Climate Ready North Bay. This flagship platform will empower our community to confront the natural resource challenges presented by climate change.

Climate Ready looks at critical factors impacting local resources—including water supply, forest health, and wildfire risks—and shows how they are projected to shift over the coming decades, with site-specific assessments targeted to the individual needs of resource management agencies in Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties. One of the project’s goals is to serve as a national model in the White House’s Climate Resilience Toolkit.

Pepperwood President Dr. Lisa Micheli (left) celebrates the launch of Climate Ready with the Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority’s Board of Directors as Chair David Rabbitt cuts a ceremonial ribbon. (June 13, 206)