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Dancing At Lughnasa at Curtain Call Theater


Dancing At Lughnasa at Curtain Call Theater

“Dancing At Lughnasa” by Brian Friel is a play with heart. It has garnered awards and hailed by critics as one of the best plays of the 20th Century.

Told with humor and lots of heart, the play revolves around five sisters and their oldest brother in rural Ireland, County Donegal, in 1936. The economy is bleak during the Depression and survival is on the mind of everyone. Two sisters knit gloves, two keep house, and one teaches at the local Catholic school.

The brother, Father Jack, a Catholic priest,has come back from Africa after decades of ministering to the lepers in Uganda. His views have become more “native”, and this alarms his eldest sister Kate.

Much is revealed in the attitudes of small town politics and family interaction, while the members show a love and care about each other that seems rare in our modern times.

The play is a memory play told by the son of the youngest sister Christina. Michael recalls the times as a child with interactions of his aunts, his mother, and his sincere need for kindness and nostalgic recollections. 

Music also plays a part in these recollections and sets the mood for many moments of dancing Pagan Irish dances of the primitive celebration of La Lughnasa and popular songs of the day.

Directed by Michael Tabib, the cast of eight does great justice to this exceptional work of theater, and shows much versatility in their movements and characters.

“Dancing at Lughnasa” opens Friday July 8 and plays Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM, and Sunday matinees at 3PM at Curtain Call Theater in Monte Rio.  For times and reservations, call 707-524-8739 and make a date with one of the most satisfying theater experiences in the wine country.