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Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - July 2016


Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - July 2016

Now we are moving into the hot heart of summer here in the Alexander Valley, though a late June rainstorm broke up the heat for a couple of days and revived the last of the spring wildflowers. July also brings the return of summer holidaymakers who seem to be springing up in every nook and cranny – or at least in every possible parking place. The “Sculpture Trail” area at the northbound Geyserville/128 turnoff from the 101 has also resprouted, with a number of new metal sculptures taking the place of some old favorites. The seasonal cherry seller has set up a booth nearby. While the cherries are not exactly local, they are a reliable bright  and tasty spot in late spring and early summer and is just on more reason to take a moment to pull over and admire our own open-air art exhibit before rushing on to another destination. To find out more about the Sculpture Trail which links Geyserville and Cloverdale, you can visit the Sculpture Trail home page at 

The Heart of Summer Also Offers some Special Treats

Ridge Winery’s “From Farm to Grill” event July 2nd and 3rd offers visitors the chance to experience some of Geyserville’s most  renowned wines paired with fabulous local produce and meats. Ridge has been offering its “Geyserville” bottlings for fifty years, and its wines from nearby Lytton Springs for over thirty-five. It’s nice to see the Geyserville name so prominently displayed on such award-winning wines. As of this writing, some public tickets are still available at $35 each for both dates. For more information and to reserve on-line, visit and check under “Events” for July.

Francis Ford Coppola’s winery has an array of activities, including dancing under the stars, wine tasting in blindfolds, and other delights. Surprised I didn’t mention the winery’s stellar summertime attraction, the vast swimming pool? Unfortunately pool cabin rentals and individual pool passes are sold out for the season on their on-line reservations system. Since cancellations are at least theoretically possible, it may be worth checking to find out if there is any availability at the last minute. The “Tasting in the Dark”, led by blind sommelier Hoby Webler, guides tasters into deepening the awareness of the senses and experiencing wine in a whole new way. Some summer dates for “Tasting in the Dark” are still available; you can check reservation availability at francisfordcoppolawinery/landings/dark. 

Remember to let me know about your special events, fun food, and other delights in Geyserville and its immediate surroundings.