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Springs Splash - July 2016 - Thomas Martin


Springs Splash - July 2016 - Thomas Martin

by Tom Martin

In Memoriam

In honor of victims of gun violence in the United States in recent years take a moment to reflect and remember the dead and wounded. Most were innocents like the children in Sandy Hook or young adults in Orlando. A way to remember them is to insist that our government representatives across the nation take real steps to limit and control access to guns of all kinds. Further, people should work for the prevention of gun tragedies by promoting national mental health programs in communities, large and small.

Uncle Paddy’s to be Razed and Rebuilt! 

The long awaited plans for a new restaurant at 15 Boyes Blvd. are working their way through the approval process at the County Permit Resource and Planning Department (PRMD). On June 22 the plans drafted by local architect Adrian Martinez were presented to the Sonoma Valley Community Advisory Commission. Since this was after press time it is unknown what action the Commission took. 

In any event Ms. Karen Waikiki’s plans for a new restaurant across Highway 12 from her restaurante Mexicana, El Molino Central, are coming along. 

When approval is given and construction begins residents will learn more about the newest Springs’ restaurant. What is known now is that the restaurant apparently will feature pizza and take out food. What is unknown at press time are several other questions. 

• Will the Uncle Paddy name be retained? 

• When is construction planned to begin? 

• In addition to pizza, what other delicacies will be proposed on the menu? 

• How many people will the restaurant accommodate?

• Will there be music? 

• When is the estimated opening date?

The new restaurant will face the open space off Boyes Springs Road that many hope will become a community center, a plaza or square. Residents look forward to the new bistro as another aesthetic and practical improvement in the Springs.

Springs Specific Plan Community Workshops Continue

Last week (6/29) the Third Springs Specific Plan meeting was held at the Sonoma Charter School to gain input from residents for the long range plan. Sonoma County has obtained funding to study and develop an improvement program for the area from El Verano Avenue to Agua Caliente Road. The plan will be developed by the De Novo Planning Group with advice and consultation from a Community Advisory Team of citizens from the Springs. 

The stated purposes of the plan are several:

• Develop a long term vision for future growth and change in the Springs.

• Make certain any plans reflect the goals and values of the community.

• Examine past planning efforts and build on those.

• Provide a means by which the County, PRMD, and Board of Supervisors can make decisions in future development in the Springs. 

It’s important to attend the community meetings! Watch local papers for announcements of the Fourth and Fifth Springs Specific Plan Community Workshops. There will only be five. Be certain to attend and voice your opinion on such matters as housing availability and density, traffic patterns and routes, bicycle routes, commercial activities, parking, and public transit. Many Springs residents already ask why isn’t there a pharmacy nearby?A supermarket? A branch library? For matters such these to be considered residents must become participants in the planning. Watch for announcements.

For further information: Also contact Yolanda G. Solano, Planner III, at PRMD, 2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa, 95403-2829, 707-565-1900. 

Sonoma Valley Dems Voter Registration Champions

Sonoma County Democratic Clubs engaged informally in a competition to see which one could register more voters by the cutoff date of May 23. Springs resident Beth Hadley, local Club President, announced that the Sonoma Valley Democrats were tops in the County and received $250 for their efforts from the Demo Central Committee. The funds will go toward rent for a campaign office likely to open in September.