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Blessing of the Bees - August 2 in Forestville


Blessing of the Bees - August 2 in Forestville

By Jana Mariposa

On Aug. 2, the Forestville Farmer’s Market will have a special musical addition!  The Melissae Ensemble, part of the local Balkan Vocal Ensemble Gradina, (  will present a traditional, millenial HoneyBee Ritual.  It is an ancient agrarian ritual to bless the HoneyBees. Like many other Bulgarian Rituals, it is performed by going from house to house, to bless the household, its inhabitants, and animals/Bees.  In times past, people lived in much closer communion and harmony with the Earth, Nature, the animals, and each other. Perhaps with the resurgence of organic agriculture, we are returning to this more compassionate and connected way of living.

Honeybees have been considered sacred throughout history. in Greek and other cultures around the world, they have been treated with reverence and respect, and local beekeepers respect their bees and would never exploit them. However, there is a growing problem for our bees, brought about by their being treated as ‘money makers’ rather than as sacred, and in addition, other factors such as loss of habitat, pesticides, possibly EMF pollution, and other things are stressing our important helpers.  We need each other!

There will be an information table about the bees and other pollinators at the Forestville Farmers Market, and the Melissae Ensemble will share the Ancient HoneyBee Ritual for everyone to participate in. There will be singing, instrumental music, dancing, and a Blessing Ritual for the Bees, and our Village, between 4 and 7 PM. Please join us for a very special afternoon!