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Forestville - The Good Life - July 2016


Forestville - The Good Life - July 2016

by Richard Naegle


Thank God It’s Forestville...on any day of the week. We have a delightful town full of creative community-oriented folks in an unbeatably gorgeous setting. And, yes, we have vineyards and wineries too. But we are not a “destination;” we are a Town; we are a Home. 

Youth Park BBQ

The Youth Park parade and BBQ were once again a great success. The majority of funding for the YP comes from this annual fundraiser. And it is a hell of a lot of fun too. Thanks again to the many volunteers who make the Park, the Parade, and the Barbecue possible.

Farmers Market

The Forestville Farmers’ Market is happily in its new location in the Downtown Park. Opening day on June 7 brought an enthusiastic crowd. And it continues now every Tuesday, 4-7. I sat at a table in the wine garden and chatted with a couple who’d come from Petaluma and a bicyclist from Sebastopol. They were impressed with the whole scene – as they sat savoring wine under the shade of oak trees, in a beautiful park, adjacent to tents and booths offering organic produce, exquisite crafts, and delicious food. A beautiful setting, mellow vibes, wonderful live music, and lots of colorful locals. Green Grocer Farm-to-Table Pop-up Restaurant offers unusual dishes, such as crispy duck or shitake mushroom tacos; Forestville Pizza has its great pizza on hand; Domenique’s Sweets offer scrumptious pies; and Tiny Town Cafe purveys coffee and delectable sweets – to name a few. 

The fun continues every week on Tuesday afternoon. Don’t miss it! On August 2, the them will be “A Day to Honor the Honey Bees,” with Bulgarian ritual music and dance presented by the Millisae Ensemble, 4-6.

Downtown Park

The original purchase of the parkland was quite complicated and involved commercial partners, The Town Square LLC (headed by Catherine and Joe Barolomei). While a recreation covenant was placed on the entire parkland, the LLC still had ownership of the front two acres. A lot-line adjustment has finally been completed and the LLC generously has transferred ownership of those two acres to the Forestville Planning Association, which holds title to the rest of the park area. This brings the geographic area of the Park to over 4 acres; it also allows the FPA to finally submit plans to the County for Park development.

It is hoped that the Town’s experience of the Farmers’ Market in the Downtown Park will help us all to more clearly envision what is wanted there in terms of future development. The FPA plans to hold a Town Meeting in the fall for discussion of what the next phase should be. 

In the meantime, Ken Tam of the Regional Parks and Recreation Department reports that his Department is now negotiating a contract to complete the design/engineering and environmental work for the West County Trail through the our Park. That should be completed this year. Grant applications are being submitted for the construction of the trail in 2017.

Skate Park

Community service starts young in Forestville. All praise to Ellery Kuntz, a 16 year-old El Molino High School student, who is catalyzing his peers and elders to pursue the development of a local Skatespot. The Youth Park is supporting the project and is in dialogue with its neighbors to acquire property adjacent to the Park. As David Lawson writes, “This is a big deal. In essence, the Forestville Youth Park will be providing community services and infrastructure without tax dollars, which means those dollars will need to be gifted by our community, for our community. ...Look for opportunities in the future to get involved, to help us find a way to make this dream a reality. Moving forward, we will have community outreach programs to hear the input of others. Organized fundraisers will be coming, with the funds earmarked for our skate park.” For more info or if you wish to help, contact Ellery Kuntz at 494-9773 or

Youth Football 

Sonoma County Youth Football and Cheer is a local organization focused on providing skilled coaching, maximum play time during games, and playing ‘like opponents’ in other local areas and towns in the same division as El Molino High School. President Gillian Hayes explains, “This is not a ‘win at all costs’ kind of club. We are all about making the exciting game of football a competitive but safe experience. By adjusting our teams and having weight limits we are better able to have balanced teams, with like-sized athletes playing together.” Football and cheerleader teams are being formed in various age and weight categories for 3rd through 8th graders. For more info go to

Hollydale Clubhouse

“Last Sunday of the Month” breakfast, July 31 – steak & eggs & Hollydale fries. 9-noon. $10-15 suggested donation. Kids under 10 free. Table tennis follows, 1-4.