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SMART sets Fares and offers Eco-Pass and Bulk Discounts

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SMART sets Fares and offers Eco-Pass and Bulk Discounts

SMART Fares Set

A basic fare has been established for $3.50 with additional charges based upon how far a passenger travels.  Each zone passed adds $2. The fare plan will be submitted to Metropolitan Transit so that Clipper Card machines can be programed in time for when the trains run on a regular schedule. Clipper Cards are loaded with money that is deducted as a passenger exits the train and can be used on bus transportation as well. The system is already in place for Santa Rosa CityBus, Sonoma County Transit, Petaluma Transit, and the Golden Gate Transit buses and ferries. Since the train will not accept cash, this is the only system to collect fares. Bus riders will get additional discounts of $.75 to $1.50 for using both the bus and the train. 

SMART Fare Eco-Pass Zones

SMART Eco-Pass

SMART Ecopass discountsWith a fare policy in place, the SMART Board is developing an Eco-Pass that allows employers, colleges and other organizations to purchase passes in bulk, providing their employees, students, faculty, and others with discounts to encourage people to take the train. The Eco-Pass is designed to make public transportation less expensive that using personal vehicles. Discounts will be from 23% to 44% depending upon how many passes are purchased. Seniors, youth, veterans, and passengers with disabilities also receive discounts of 50% off. 


Shuttle Service

Businesses, school and government agencies and local bus services are getting ready to provide shuttle services to and from stations. This will require coordinating schedules and these services have been working with SMART to coordinate timing.

Public Meeting June 16

SMART and Sonoma County Transit will be sharing info about north Sonoma County transit options and gathering feedback on bus-train connections. Join us in this public meeting at the Windsor Town Hall Council Chambers.

Thursday, June 16, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Where: Windsor Town Hall, 9291 Old Redwood Highway, Building, 400, Windsor, CA 95492

Testing the Train

In preparation for beginning service later this year, SMART has started system wide testing along the initial 43-mile route, from the northern part of Santa Rosa to downtown San Rafael. SMART’s testing includes running trains, operating railroad crossing gates at intersections and verifying that our train control and communications systems are accurate and working effectively.

RAIL CAR TESTING: SMART is testing its fleet of rail cars to prepare for passenger service. The trains go through rigorous testing at various speeds to ensure that they are functioning safely and properly. For your safety, federal regulations require trains use their safety horns when approaching crossings and anytime train operators see a safety hazard on or near the railroad tracks. Train safety horns are part of the testing process.

CROSSING GATE TESTING: SMART is testing all of its crossing gates. That means bells will sound, lights will flash and the crossing gates will come down. Be alert at all railroad crossings, even when there are no trains visible. Crossing gates are being tested both with and without trains. For your safety, motorists should always be prepared to stop at crossing gates and must wait until the warning signals stop and the gates are raised completely before proceeding.

TRAIN CONTROL SYSTEMS TESTING: Modern passenger trains are equipped with computerized signal systems that help crossing gates and trains function safely and efficiently. SMART is testing its train control and communications systems. Be aware of workers on or near railroad tracks and at railroad crossings. Thank you for your patience during SMART’s testing process.

For more safety tips visit SMART’s rail safety website at

SMART EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION In the event of a railroad emergency or if the railroad crossing gates are not working properly, please contact SMART’s Rail Operation Center: 1-888-412-3330. This number can also be found on the blue Emergency Notification Signs located at all crossing gates.

For more information about SMART please visit our website at