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Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - June 2016


Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - June 2016

Driving around Geyserville this late May is a beautiful experience. The grapevines are feeling brave after the winter rains and their springtime companions. I couldn’t quite understand what was making this seasons’ vines look different, so I stopped my vehicle one afternoon and wandered through a vineyard. It didn’t take me long to realize that these vines are not just brave – they are jubilant, sending up skinny tendrils reaching up to the sky. Now I’m trying to find a word to describe this other than saying that the vines look “fluffier” than usual. And I wonder what this wetter year of 2015-2016 will mean for the wines from these grapes. I’m also enjoying the new crop of late-spring roadside flowers springing up everywhere, even alongside the highway exit to Geyserville. 

Geyserville Events

On June 8th, at Isis Oasis Sanctuary, we will be having a small gathering in honor of the birthday of long-time Geyserville resident and our foundress, the late Loreon Vigne. All are welcome to this free event, but please RSVP if you can to our main number at (707) 857-4747. 

Remember also that at the Isis Oasis Sanctuary we offer a free tour of our birds, cats, reptiles, and plants, including our 400+-year-old Heritage Tree, on Sundays at 2pm. Reservations are not necessary, but if you’re bringing a larger group, or want to schedule a different time or day, please give us a call. 

Local vintage purveyor extraordinaire, Gin’Gilli’s, is having the first of their two summer time flea markets on June 11th, with the second to follow on August 20th. They proudly proclaim “Junk as Far as the Eye Can See” and if you are a fan of vintage home goods, there will be no better place to be on those days. GinGillis is located at 21079 Geyserville Avenue in “downtown” Geyserville. For more information call them at (707) 857-3509. 

Foodie Moment of the Month

How can I have lived nearly two years in Geyserville without discovering this? I’m talking about the taco truck parking on the eastern side of the Lytton Springs highway exit. Hunger,  enhanced by some serious shopping at the Lytton Springs Salvation Army thrift village, inspired me to make a quick stop, encouraged by former volunteer back for a visit who needed to revisit the burrito she remembered so fondly. I selected the shrimp burrito which was excellent, accompanied by a freshly grilled more-or-less mild green pepper. And for the beverage? An authentic imported Mexican Coca-Cola, served chilly in the classic aquamarine green bottle, made with the now-redeemed pure cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup.