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Healing Father & Son Relationships


Healing Father & Son Relationships

Sam Keen is a renowned author, philosopher and the author of 21 books, including the New York Times best seller Fire in the Belly, but around his home town he is mostly known as “that author who lives up in the Sonoma hills and has a flying trapeze in his backyard!”. 

Most recently, Sam has written a book about fathers and sons in collaboration with his son, Gifford Keen. Prodigal Father/Wayward Son is about the journey Sam and Gifford took to reconcile their relationship, and how, through a series of letters to each other, they transformed the wounds of the past into understanding and love.

In this winner of the 2015 Nautilus Silver Award, we learn how Gifford helped him build the house on Norrbom road. We learn about the courage it takes to be vulnerable. Both Sam and Gifford take the risk of having the tough conversations and, as they reveal the deeper layers of truth beneath their pain, they speak to all fathers and sons and their complex relationships.

Sam and Gifford trade chapters, each short, deep, raw, and profoundly moving. As they move closer to resolution they offer us a way through sharing our stories to move from alienation to forgiveness and reconciliation.

Prodigal Father, Wayward Son, is just in time for Father’s Day.

Jennifer Grais, co-author of the YA novel, Christa’s Luck shares her insight after she devoured the book in one sitting: 

“Sam Keen has a way of speaking to men. Not since his bestselling and groundbreaking book, “Fire in the Belly,” has he tackled such raw and emotional territory. Once again, he provides a process for healing men’s wounds as he and his son write letters back and forth in which they openly discuss the traumatic events of their past. “Prodigal Father, Wayward Son” is even more of a guide for the soul than “Fire in the Belly” as Sam steps up not only a man, but as a father. Gifford Keen brings his gifts of sensitivity and integrity as he challenges Sam’s choices as a father. Gifford’s tenacity seems to act as a catalyst that drives the astounding transformation in their father/son dynamic.

Through the raw honesty of their letters, they dive into the mythic events of the past that have plagued them for so long, shining new light on these old stories and effectively building a bridge back to each other. I was stunned by the depth of love and courage it took for them to write these letters, and heartened by the strength of their commitment to one another. This book provides a window into the world of Fathers and Sons and eclipses the personal as it reveals Universal themes and Truths.”

So come on out on Saturday June 18th 6-7:30pm, enjoy this rich, practical, soulful and dedicated philosopher on the human spirit and heart. Reception begins at 6pm at the Annex Wine Bar welcomed by Deirdre Egan singer/songwriter and Celtic harpist, 6:30pm reading with Sam Keen, Annex’s excellent array of wines, beers, beverages and a delectable chef choice entree are available. If you wish stay on for 7:30pm live music AND while you are at it, you can gift your father something other than that Father’s Day tie, accoutrements for golf and of course the crazy socks!

Annex Wine Bar is located at 865 W Napa Street, Sonoma, 95476 ~ 707/938.7799 ~