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Film Debut: Common Ground


Film Debut: Common Ground

Is there room in Sonoma County for agriculture, affordable housing and open space? Join the public debut of “Common Ground: Speaking Out on Land Use in Sonoma County,” a short film featuring the diverse perspectives of local farmers, environmentalists and affordable housing advocates on the topic of land use and the need for a shared dialogue in our community. 

As a group project by students of the Leadership Institute for the Economy & Ecology, this film begins with the premise that our county faces huge barriers to preserving our natural environment, keeping farms viable and assuring that everyone has access to a home---we also believe that all stakeholders bring a unique perspective on what constitutes optimal land-use and that a healthy exchange of ideas can foster more resilient and equitable land-use policy. 

After the screening of this film, we’ll host a guided conversation to share ideas, perspectives and begin to forge the alliances needed for long-term solutions. 

Common Ground Sonoma County 

Film Debut and Community Discussion
Monday, June 20 at 7 -9p
Sebastopol Grange #306, 6000 Sebastopol Rd (Hwy 12), 

Featured in the Film & Project: 

Davin Cardenas, North Bay Organizing Project

Brock Dolman, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center 

Elizabeth Kaiser, Singing Frogs Farm

Lisa Micheli, Pepperwood Preserve 

Adrienne Lauby, Homeless Action!

Jesse Pizzitola, First Light Farm 

Trathen Heckman, Daily Acts 

Jesús Guzmán, Graton Day Labor Center (Centro Laboral de Graton)

Annie Dobbs Kramer, North Bay Organizing Project

Scott Johnson, MidPen Housing

Paul Kaiser, Singing Frogs Farm

Created by: Noah Andrus, Janae Lloyd, Stewart McBride, Chris Melançon, Teri Shore, Jim Taggart, Vicki Vaughn & Evan Wiig.