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Springs Splash - June 2016 - Thomas Martin


Springs Splash - June 2016 - Thomas Martin

by Tom Martin

From dawn ‘til dusk Highway 12 bustles with construction as workmen flash “slow down” flags at drivers, and local business people endure temporary driveways to their establishments. From Siesta Drive to Agua Caliente Road - what will one see when the projects are completed? How will this major transformation affect the quality of life for current residents? Let’s talk about these projects…

Springs Plaza Taking Form! 

Like a slow moving slug, a ribbon of concrete oozes from cement trucks filling spaces to become curbing and sidewalks. Empty spaces assume new forms. Within the parameters bounded by Armando’s Garage, old Uncle Patty’s and the Churchmouse, the former drive through space now forms a quadrangle shaped amphitheater. 

This is the area many Springs residents foresee as the Springs Plaza! Listen to people’s plans; they bubble over optimistically. “Our own Farmers Market.” “Community fairs.” “Next year’s Cinco De Mayo.” “Plaza de communidad!” “Concerts and plays.” “A free speech area.” “Pet shows.” The list of hopeful uses goes on and on… 

In coming weeks Spring’s residents will likely meet with County officials to plan and express their hopes for a Springs Community hub.

The Big Three Closes! What does the Mission Inn intend to do with the property?

Recently the Sonoma Mission Inn closed the Big 3 Restaurant. It stands vacant. What is to be done with the property? Will it meld into the new Springs’ developments?

With upgrades occurring as we read, Springs residents have a stake in the outcome. Ms. Michelle Heston, SMI representative, was asked about the plans. Ms. Heston replied that SMI is studying several options, but won’t announce a decision for three or four months. 

This writer commented that with the Springs renaissance hopefully the results will be complementary with community efforts. Ms. Heston responded that “We are always proud of what we have done.” Residents look forward to learning of the plans in three to four months. 

MidPen Housing On Highway 12 Progresses…

Springs residents may submit applications to rent one of the sixty affordable housing units being constructed off Highway 12 in mid-June according to Riley Weisserborn, MidPen Associate Project Manager. 

Once received, the applications will be entered into a software data bank and randomly sorted. Applicants will be assigned a number to be on call for interviews. MidPen Property Management will review documentation, assets, identification, and referrals. There will be 1-2-3 bedroom units available. The Sonoma County Housing Authority reserves the decision to fill the first thirteen (13) units. Those wishing to learn more should contact Riley Weisserborn at 558 B Street, Santa Rosa (707-398-2382). Applications may be submitted June 13 – 24.

Breakfast at Pearl’s 

Six wags having breakfast recently at Pearl’s in Sonoma brought up the topic of the MidPen project. With all the traffic how will people enter and leave the project? There will be two points of ingress/egress. One will be at Rancho Drive where a signal currently exists. The other will be new road north of Fetters with a middle turn lane on Highway 12. Another asked, “When will the forty (40) senior units be constructed?” MidPen is awaiting a decision for this part of the project from the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee. This is a Committee that approves federal and state tax credits. Once approved, likely in August or September, MidPen plans to move ahead with the senior housing project. Is there a chance the project won’t be approved? We shall see.

“What’s that new building next to the Doughnut Shop?”

Siesta Way Construction Brings Queries From Residents!

Christopher Oscar, a local Realtor, is the owner and builder of what Oscar says “will be a beautiful Italian-Mediterranean style building with offices downstairs with living quarters upstairs.” The living quarters will each have two bedrooms and two baths. Oscar noted this is an ideal arrangement for a professional tenant. He expects the offices will be low-impact and add little to neighborhood traffic congestion. Oscar is pleased with the architectural design. He indicated he is not opposed to selling to a buyer. (707-287-2285).