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Cazadero Communications - June 2016


Cazadero Communications - June 2016

by Natasha Pehrson

It s a sunny, breezy day as I enjoy the view of the large redwoods outside of my cosy cyber-hut. I cannot believe that May is moving so quickly by and June(and Summer) loom in the rear-view mirror!

The Cazadero Community Club has awarded a $1,500 scholarship to Justin Sani, a 2016 El Molino graduate. We all wish him a wonderful future!

The  next meeting of the Caz Club will be on Tuesday, June 14th-7 p.m. at Firehall #1-not on the 7th, which is the Primary Election day. Please do attend and help your neighbors plan great events which benefit the entire community. Dues are only $15.00 for families and $10.00 for individuals; send to P.O. Box 3, Cazadero, CA 95421.

The Club has also donated $300 to the wonderful Sky Garden for their ongoing projects. If you want to volunteer, please contact Congrats are in order to the Cazadero Winery, which has just been awarded another Gold medal down at the prestigious Monterey International Wine Competition. They have now won 28 Gold and Silver medals since coming on the market in 2012. The first vintage was a 2008 Bei Ranch Sonoma Coast Cabernet Sauvignon which was released in 2012, a 4 year program from harvest to release. The 2014 Chardonnay took the gold with a Parmeter Vineyard Fort Ross-Sea View AVA from up on King Ridge Road. 

Another school year at the Montgomery Elementary school closes with graduation on Wednesday, June 1st at 7 p.m. This year’s happy graduates are David Edwards, Benjamin Imrie and Kassidy Sani. The last school day will be on June 2nd, followed by a school picnic on June 3rd. 

A reminder that folks may enroll their children in Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten anytime from now throughout the summer. I thank MES School Secretary Julie LaPlante for keeping me (and you!) well informed. The next school year begins on Wednesday, August 24th.

As the days get longer, we all hope to have more time to complete the many yard, vehicle and household projects that call out. Cazadero Supply continues its 1st Saturday 15% discount day to help you!

Raymond’s Bakery turns out world-class goodies and offers its Friday Pizza and live music nights until 9 p.m.

CazSonoma Inn is now open and is a lovely spot to dine at or spend a luxurious overnight. Their website is for information.

Wishing a very happy and special 94th birthday to Lorraine Mohr MckInley, along with her twin brother, Warren. A family member told me their cabin, not far from Raymond’s, is over 100 years old.

More June birthdays to celebrate are Bob Kelly on the 1st, Jesse Abend on the 5th, Don Berry on the 10th, Linda Baswell, great community volunteer and baker on the 12th, Jeff Parmeter on the 15th and Marsha Weidmann on the 20th.  Happy 13th wedding Anniversary to Toni and Ted Parmeter on the 7th and my dear husband Gregorio and I will celebrate our 46th (what?!) on the 21st.

The charming town of Duncans Mills has many unique businesses, many operated by Cazaderans. enjoy a stroll, have a meal or snack and breather deeply of the good, often ocean-tinged air.

We are  all very fortunate to live in our beautul hamlet. Please call me at 632-5545 or email with info for your Cazadero Column!