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Rio Nido Magic - May 2016


Rio Nido Magic - May 2016

by Elena Chronis

I’m Back...

Spring has sprung. Can you believe it? I took a month long hiatus from writing this column as I do every year for the past six years to get my creative juices flowing again. Rio Nido is a unique and wonderful place to live with a constant flow of interesting goings on and colorful characters who make up this picturesque little hamlet. I wanted to thank all the readers of this column out there for your concern. I just took April off and will continue to write this column until I take my journey and move to the village of Lucignano (Arezzo) in Tuscany to start another exciting chapter in my life. Thank you for all your emails, texts and FB messages. Really makes a girl feel loved. Until then you can rest assured to see the Rio Nido Magic column every month.

Patty Roland-James

Patty was a contract postmaster for the RN Community Post Office for over twenty years. Sadly, she was forced to retire due to a stroke in March. She regrets having to retire because she misses all the box holders. While Postmaster, Patty was one of the founders of the RN Art Festival where she sold three of her books every year. In retirement she plans to finish writing another mystery novel and a second volume of short stories in “Weird River Tales”. I’ll keep everyone posted as to info/changes concerning our local post office as time marches forward so hang tight.

Friends of Rio Nido (FRN)

There will be three FRN Board seats available in the upcoming FRN election. The three highest vote counts will be elected to the FRN Board and will serve two year terms. One of the current Board members will not be running again this year therefore we need some strong candidates to step up to the plate. Election ballots and voting instructions will be sent to the FRN members distribution list via email. The Voting Committee (Joanna, Elena and Seneca) will be keeping track. For more information regarding future meetings etc., go to:

What’s going on

Enjoying this Spring weather, lounging on my veranda sipping sweat tea and enjoying some French petifours, I see lots of action taking place in the RN Community garden. The garden is a treasure here in RN. The gardeners have been busy spring cleaning and planting their garden plots with veggies and flowers. Last years garden was beautiful with lots of gorgeous tomatoes and other colorful veggies. Keep up the good work garden elves. The dog park is a cheerful spot in RN too. We have our regulars visiting every day and some new additions recently. Such a cheerful and lovely dog park. Everyone seems to be flocking to RN. Just this past month a home hit the market here and sold in one week. The times here in RN are changing very quickly. It is becoming a destination.

Pet of the Month

It is said by wise and learned people that the dog possesses 10 excellent qualities. Well, let me introduce you to Isis, who by far has more than 10! She is a 6-year-old Bully (Bulldog & Pit) but don’t let that throw you. Isis by far is the most loyal, loving, compassionate and selfless dog that I have ever met. She will sense your true nature and love you unconditionally.  I am thankful my son has brought her into our lives.  She loves her toys and proudly prances with them and will show them off. She loves to play with her extended family Lucky & Gargamel, a dachshund and feline. She can be found cuddling at any given time. Isis has just come out of a rough surgery which will enable her to be with us for many years to come.