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North Coast Winds - Robin Joy Wellman - May 2016


North Coast Winds - Robin Joy Wellman - May 2016

I want to remind everyone that May 1st is a day to surprise someone with flowers. This would be an unexpected someone – not someone you date or live with or related to. But someone you barely know and would like to do something sweet for. You do this by ringing the doorbell (or knocking since most people here in them there hills don’t have a doorbell), laying the flowers down at the door, and running. You don’t show yourself. Be slick about it. The following week is of course Mother’s Day. Mom could be just about anyone – your best friends Mom, the elder who lives down the street, or the Mom without kids who loves and Mother’s everyone. Flowers are good, chocolate is even better! Jake Wellman if you are reading this please remember May 8th!

There is plenty to do on the North Sonoma Coast - South Mendocino Coast also known as Mendonoma! If you are not a local and want to use some local lingo – this is one of those words -Mendonoma! While I am at it the correct pronunciation for the Gualala River is ‘Waalala’. And if you want to be really cool you might want to add that you love the people here! Ok – for things to do: Starting in Jenner I would like to mention Rivers End May 19th at Fort Ross State Historic Park we have the Alaskan Native Day special event. In the 1821 Census record of Colony Ross, there were 156 Alaska Natives (which is the most populated people accounted for in the Colony) living on the bluff overlooking the ocean and surrounding territories of Colony Ross. Join St. Paul/Kodiak Island Unangan (Aleut) David Karabelnikoff who will be leading the Iqyan (kayak) race this year. Marc Daniels of Make Access Iqyax will continue his skin boat build, and Alaskans from California to Alaska will share stories, dance, and history. Please check the website at The Gualala Art Center will host several art openings, quilt shows (amazing and talented quilters on our coast), a wine tasting event, Coastal Singers Spring Concert, and Sacred and Profane Concert by an acapella coral group from the Bay Area, and a two day art festival with local artists. Visit them at The Point Arena lighthouse will host a Full Moon tour on May 21. This is really spectacular. Visit them at for more info. If you would like to kick back on the beach or the river with a good book visit our local bookstore the Four Eyed Frog. It is a super friendly place to shop and hang out. I have purchased my ‘Sudoko’ game books there as well as many gift books for friends and family that visit. Four Eyed Frog is at 

It is almost time for a good swim in the river. The Gualala River Campground has big redwoods and a pretty safe river to play in when we aren’t experience big storms. Situated on the Gualala River it is pet and family friendly. During the month of May it is still possible to take a rented kayak from Adventure Rents out and about on the river for some relaxing kick back floating. As we get later in the summer the river can become quite shallow. Please visit their web page at for more info. 

A few more dates to remember: May 3rd is National Teacher Day, May 24th is National Brother Day, and May 28 is National Burger Day

Well, I hope you all have a relaxing month of May as we all gear up for the summer. Enjoy your day, buy some flowers for someone (Natasha’s flowers are, and celebrate life.