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Occidental Oriented - June 2016 - MacKenzie Nekton


Occidental Oriented - June 2016 - MacKenzie Nekton

Summer’s just around the corner, and I for one am ready! There’s not much this summer isn’t going to hold for me. A road trip, camping, work, the start of college applications, and some coveted free time. Other than Devin leaving for college, I’m looking forward to summer and all it brings, especially sleeping in and waking up in the sunlight hours. 

There are several summer day camps around here locally, all of which are well loved and super fun. There’s the CYO’s Huckleberry Village Day Camp, for ages six to eleven. This is a five day long camp where you get to play sports, learn about the environment, and do traditional camp activities. The tuition includes all activities, lunch, two snacks each day, and an optional overnight camp-out including dinner and breakfast. This summer there may also be a Garden Camp at Salmon Creek School, which would be awesome. If you’re interested, contact Missy in the office , at 707-874-1205.

And there’s the ever-popular Coyote Camp! Week One is June 27th to July 1st, and it’s theme is Fur, Feathers, Scales, and Fins. This week is all about studying animals that have fur, feathers, scales, or fins that live in our ecosystem. Week Two is July 4th through 8th, and focuses on wilderness skills and the shields of survival, which is to say, food, water, shelter, and fire. You’ll get to make fire by friction, build natural shelters, create song lines, and so much more! Week Three is from the 11th to the 15th of July, and its theme is Animals, Plants, People and Place: Weaving Our Stories Together. This week focuses on learning about restoration techniques and land stewardship practices utilized by the native peoples of this region (the Coast Miwok and Kashaya Pomo). This week also features an optional ropes course for youth ages ten and up and an optional overnight for youth ages nine and up. Week Four, from July 18th to 22nd is all about Wilderness Skills and Original Technologies, and will focus on learning original technologies used by some of the first humans, which will mean gathering a knowledge of place through developing sensory awareness routines, learning survival skills such as fire by friction, making string from plant materials, basketry, and crafting tools from nature. The final week, Week Five, July 25th through 29th, is Sticks and Stones, Clay and Bones: Natural Tools for Living week. During this week kids will learn skills like basket weaving, pottery, felting, fire by friction, bead making, and fiber arts. This week also includes the optional ropes course for youth ages ten and up.

For the grownups, trying going to Prasada, at Harmony Village in the old kindergarten classroom – they’ve got Community Art + Soup Night on Mondays, and Mindfulness Meditation on Thursdays. If you are going to meditation for the first time, please email Karen at in advance. Cancellations, updates and special events will be announced through her email list, so be sure to get on it. You can find Prasada’s entire summer schedule here. Hope you enjoy the sunshine!