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Cotati Heart & Soul - Deborah Taylor-French - May 2016


Cotati Heart & Soul - May 2016

by Deborah Taylor-French

“The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it.” —Maimonides

“Cotati’s best kept secret.” Cotati Community Acupuncture 

“Cotati’s best kept secret” relies on satisfied customers’ word of mouth. Person-to-person endorsements have led to a very busy practice.

Cotati Community Acupuncture created and run by Marc Velez, L.Ac. QME. His community acupuncture model is unique in that he is the sole acupuncturist. “This way,” said Marc, “I am able to provide a continuity of care.” Three days a week he runs the clinic from 9am to 6pm. He works as a Quality Medical Evaluator on Tuesday and Thursday.

Recently I sent Marc interview questions, when asked why he chose Cotati for a location, Marc said, “Cotati was lacking affordable, local access to acupuncture. I wanted to help students, working folks and retirees.”

At the Santa Rosa Community Acupuncture clinic I received excellent treatments. Their community room holds a dozen clients. The Cotati clinic or CCA consists of four chairs so it feels cozy. People I exercise with mentioned it. I resolved to stay well this winter and scheduled a first appointment. Happily, I have entered spring without a flu or bronchitis. Plus feeling stronger and able to exercise daily has led to more energy, less migraines. 

“Affordable, Natural Wellness.” That is the goal of community style acupuncture. Some comments from clients of Cotati Community Acupuncture: “Friends have gone. I’ve watched them improve.” “We are so lucky to have Marc in our community. He’s a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner, respectful, great sense of humor, well-balanced.”

Community style acupuncture takes place in a group setting with people sitting in chairs. CCA easy chairs manage to support every body type in comfort. Sessions are offered on a sliding scale from $40 to $20 with a bit more for the initial history taking. Note: first appointments require an additional ten minutes. Sessions take between forty-five to sixty minutes. Wear loose fitting pants to push or roll up over knees and a shirt, which allows access to elbows and lower arm. It’s not unusual to fall asleep during a treatment or feel deeply rested afterward. 

Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 6pm. The clinic offers free parking off of East Cotati near downtown. Cotati Community Acupuncture is located at 315 E. Cotati Ave. Suite E, Cotati, CA 94931. To schedule an appointment, please call 707-242-6812 or email

Songbird Community Center offers dozens of methods to improve health  

Carol Hince continues offering her restorative Yoga, iRest and mini retreats for stress reduction. See web site calendar for dates and times of sessions. Because this month’s Gazette focuses on community, I discovered that Carmen Pomares, L.Ac. offers on-going community acupuncture sessions on Tuesday and Thursday from 2-6pm. Walk-ins are welcome.

Is there trouble with Measure G spending?  Cotati residents investigate 

If you ever have any dealings with the planning department or city council, you know that our small town is not without trouble. There is benefit in listening to city business and questioning the Cotati City Council. I have attended dozens and presented at two sessions. Group process tends toward slow. Yet I know our elected leaders must carve out time from work, free time and family to read and to discuss the issues. Those issues, money, time, who gets hired, who gets fired never go away. Currently, a group of dedicated citizens have requested Measure G financials. I am eagerly awaiting the numbers. Just 51% voted for this extra sales tax to cover police force costs and other essential services. I hope we are not disappointed in the spending reports on this tax.

What do you love to do in Cotati? 

Do you love music at Redwood Café, do you watch football or other sports at Friar Tucks Pub, do you view classic films at Sonoma State University or do you love the Japanese meals at Shige? Email me at