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Cooper’s Coffee Goes to the Mat for Healdsburg JH’s Wrestling Team


Cooper’s Coffee Goes to the Mat for Healdsburg JH’s Wrestling Team

Cooper Inman created his company, Cooper’s Coffee, when he was seven years old. In the ensuing 4 years, the young Healdsburg entrepreneur has built a loyal following of clients for his personally-delivered, freshly roasted coffee beans. He has even created his own coffee blends with names such as Cooper’s Light Roast and Healdsburg Running Coffee and the company has thrived with the help of his father Mark, who made his own name in the coffee business as the former President of Sebastopol’s Taylor Maid Farms.

Now 11 years old, Cooper not only tends to his business but he has a full life outside of it. And it was as a member of the Healdsburg Junior High wrestling team that he discovered a way to combine both of them. Cooper discovered that the wrestling mats at the junior high are in extremely poor condition and are reported to be more than 30 years old. The colors are black and yellow, which have not been the school colors in years, which long ago switched the black and red. They are barely held together with old tape. Cooper and his teammates felt they did not reflect the spirit and hard effort of the team but there didn’t seem much chance that the mats would be replaced. 

“Our school recently shut off our water to many buildings on our campus due to high lead levels with no plan to repair them due to our very small budget,” said Cooper. “Needless to say, if we want to see change, it had to happen from outside our school.”

To this end, Cooper created a new coffee blend called “Healdsburg Wrestling Coffee” which will be sold for $10.00/lb. All proceeds from the sale of the blend will go toward a fund to replace the wrestling mats, which are estimated to cost $12,000.00.

Healdsburg Wrestling Coffee, a medium-roasted blend of South American coffees, is available for delivery to residents and businesses in and around Healdsburg by contacting Cooper’s Coffee at