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General Plan Amendment Proposal for Atascadero Wetlands Area


General Plan Amendment Proposal for Atascadero Wetlands Area

You may have heard of a proposed General Plan Amendment to expand wetland designations for the Atascadero marsh area. The proposed General Plan amendment is to designate the Atascadero wetlands, and add the Biotic Habitat (BH) combing zone which will help protect this sensitive habitat area from future development and impacts from agricultural, orchard and vineyard uses. The proposed changes would provide a 100 foot setback from potential wetlands. The purpose of project is to enhance protection for natural habitat, especially wetlands that adjoin the already protected riparian corridor along Atascadero Creek.

The proposal is to designate the wetland areas on the Opens Space maps with the BH combining zone. The general plan requires a 100 foot setback for discretionary projects from designated wetlands. VESCO also requires a 100 foot setback from wetlands designated in the General Plan. So the protections would apply to discretionary projects (wineries, etc) and orchard and vineyards. The Ag Commissioner has BMPs for other ag that may consider designated wetlands.

The planning commission hearing is set for May 5th, 1pm.