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4-H ChickenQue - May 1


Sonoma County 4-H ChickenQue - Sunday, May 1, 2016

Did you know that 4-H is the largest positive youth development and mentoring program in the nation, reaching millions of America’s youth? And while the 4-H reaches into every county, Sonoma County holds the fourth largest enrollment in California? This is something we are proud of and work hard to preserve and improve. The way we keep our county’s program strong and thriving is by holding our annual 4-H ChickenQue.

ChickenQue is a single-day barbeque event that, in addition to being a local tradition for over 50 years, has and always will be run by volunteers from our 4-H clubs in Sonoma County. Although this event is orchestrated by our 4-H community, we invite and encourage the general public to attend. We like to look at it as more of an open house, showcasing what 4-H in our county has to offer. The county’s 4-H youth take great pride in their roles in the program and are there in force to demonstrate the positive impact it has had in their lives.

 Below is a small representation of the events our county 4-H has to offer that are funded by the money raised from this one day barbeque event.

 ChickenQue money is used for:

  • Presentation Day
  • 4-H Summer Camp
  • County Projects
  • Programs
  • ivestock Judging
  • Jr/Teen Leader Training
  • Sonoma County Council 4-H Scholarships and more!