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Sonoma County Woman of the Year Alejandra Cervantes

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Sonoma County Woman of the Year Alejandra Cervantes

Local resident Alejandra Cervantes has been honored as Sonoma County Woman of the Year for the Fourth Assembly District. In recognition of Women’s History Month, Assemblymember Bill Dodd honored one woman from each of the counties he represents who have made significant contributions in their respective communities. 

“I am honored to be recognized by Assemblymember Dodd,” said Alejandra Cervantes, 2016 Sonoma County Woman of the Year. “I want to thank all who have helped me learn and grow as a human being over the past 33 years here in our Valley. Thanks to each and every person who has given me their friendship and helped strengthen our community.” 

Alejandra is the founder and executive director of Nuestra Voz of Sonoma Valley, a local grass roots non-profit that seeks to empower the Latino community. Nuestra Voz promotes health, wellness, and leadership. Their activities support literacy, education, voter registration and civic engagement, physical fitness, mental health counseling, community gardening, healthy cooking, and cultural traditions. Through strong partnerships and local sponsors, their programs are able to support children, families, and seniors throughout Sonoma Valley.

“We are lucky to have caring, hard-working leaders like Alejandra in our community,” said Assemblymember Bill Dodd. “She is a real inspiration.”

After moving to Sonoma Valley over three decades ago, Alejandra began volunteering for local organizations, schools, and St. Francis Solano Church. Recognizing the need to empower and develop leadership in the Latino community, Alejandra and a group of friends designed what is now Nuestra Voz of Sonoma Valley and have continued their dedicated service to the community for 16 years.