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Spring into Nature: A Trip Through My Sonoma County


Spring into Nature:  A Trip Through My Sonoma County

Sebastopol Center for the Arts (SCA) presents a gigantic art installation of more than 500 art pieces created by students from local Sonoma County elementary schools in grades 1-8. The three volunteer coordinators of this exhibition Natalie Boothe, Sally Briggs, and Angela Sturr, worked relentless for months: contacted the teachers, took hundreds of leaflets to schools, and worked within the classrooms to bring to the show the most extraordinary work. The gallery will be filled with hundreds of paintings, drawings and sculptures representing the Magical Nature that surrounds us. 

See the world through children’s eyes; luscious landscapes, rivers and oceans, flowers and trees, crazy birds made out of gourds, sculptures of sheep in a pen, colorful flags strung from the gallery ceilings.

 “It will be an extremely joyful and powerful display like we have never had before. Compared to the average art exhibition where every piece of art receives a specific place and space this show is an art installation, a display where “the whole” becomes more than its parts” says Catherine Devriese, Visual Arts Director. 

The show will be celebrated on Sunday April 24 between 2 and 4 pm during a special afternoon with art activities for the young talent, their parents, family and friends.

SCA believes in the importance of bringing youth into galleries. Young people’s creativity and interest in the arts needs to be nourished and supported. By showing elementary school work in the main gallery which has been voted best gallery three consecutive times, we want to reinforce the message that the youngest talent deserves a big place. 

Led by teacher Jenny Sortino (Parkside), the 25 children visit the gallery on a regular basis. It is wonderful to watch the 7-8 year old investigate the shows and understand or discuss with ease the concepts of i.e. color, mood, line and shape.  Walking out of the gallery during their last visit they waved to our gallery assistant and said proudly, “Next time OUR paintings will be on the wall!”  

By creating this art installation SCA also aims at building a strong relationship with local teachers. Any schools not participating this year are invited to be part of this show next year. Expect to be wowed by this very diverse and creative reflection on Sonoma County as seen by the young artists of our community.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 S High St, Sebastopol (707) 829-4797