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Build Fertile Spoil with Compost & Mulch


Build Fertile Spoil with Compost & Mulch

The most important part of the garden is the soil. Nutrient-rich, loamy soil produces healthy, productive plants. April 7th, meeting of the Valley of the Moon Garden Club will present two experts on building fertile soil and where to acquire the materials to make it.

Tom Shearer is Operations Director for Soiland, the parent company of Stoney Point Rock Quarry, Soils Plus, and Grab N’ Grow, a premium producer of organic compost and mulches. He will bring samples of their organic compost and a variety of plant and path mulches and speak of their value in gardening. Several Grab N’ Grow products are available at Soils Plus, the landscape materials yard near the local transfer station on Stage Gulch Road near Sonoma.

David Bailey is part of the team at Mass Wiggle, a company in Petaluma that produces worm castings, one of the building blocks for fertile soil. Mass Wiggle is a newcomer to the eco-friendly fertilizer world. Started two years ago by heavy construction veteran Glen Ghilotti, he assembled dairy owner Don Silacci, master mechanic Steve Kaehler, and advertising professional Dave Bailey to create one of the largest worm farms in the United States.

Mass Wiggle  takes dairy manure and feeds it to worms and the worms create castings (nice way to say worm poop). CalRecycle says this about the material:

“Worm castings are considered by many in horticulture to be the very best soil amendment available.” (CalRecycle website 2014) Mass Wiggle works with various local wineries, nurseries,  and is happiest to work directly with gardeners!  

Both speakers will bring samples and tell how to obtain their company’s materials, whether by bag, bucket, truck or delivery. The meeting starts at 6:30 at the Sonoma Veterans’ Memorial Building at 126 W. First Street, Sonoma. The public is welcome. Members are free, guests are $5. Refreshments and raffle to follow the meeting. INFO: 707/935-8986