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Roseland Review - April 2016 - Duane Dewitt


Roseland Review - April 2016 - Duane Dewitt

by Duane De Witt

No April Fools in Roseland

Arbor Day, Saturday March 12, 2016 was a wet rainy day with mud galore as over 40 people came out to plant trees on the edge of Roseland at Southwest Community Park on Hearn Ave. Close to 30 people from one local church came out to help the City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department honor Luther Burbank, a local horticulturalist from long ago. Many of the children there for the morning of muddy fun were getting their first chance to plant a tree. They had lots of fun playing in the mud dug up from the planting sites. At least 30 trees were planted in various areas of the park where it is hoped local vandals will not hurt the new trees. A planned restoration of the post and rail fence at the site, similar to the new fence at the Colgan Creek pathway near Elsie Allen High School to the south of the park, was cancelled by the city because of fear of vandalism to the fence.

Recently some readers of Roseland Review have checked in with questions about the topics covered and why sometimes there is not a specific attribution for some of the quotes given. Long story short, many commenters to this reporter are apprehensive about having the city retaliate towards them in the future. There are many people in Roseland who fear local government officials. Now with the topic of annexation by the city once again in the news many residents are fearful if they are quoted they will suffer consequences. Some supporters of the Roseland Creek Park who criticized city plans for the park feel they are now targeted for retaliation by the city.

   A clarification from the story last month about the city employees now dictating new things to be done at the park is the Dog Park city employees will be forcing into the park is actually proposed on the land the city does not own yet. The previous article was not specific enough for people to know exactly where the Dog Park is presently being planned by the city employees. It does not appear it will be on the northern parcels at 1027 McMinn Ave. and 1360 Burbank Ave. But Roseland Review cannot be certain as the plans have changed before by city dictates.

   Another clarification is a PG&E employee verified for this reporter the PG&E employees will rarely if ever appear at customers doors unannounced. This employee stated, “We only come to a customer’s door if they have called us or there is an emergency.” The employee also stated, “All of our employees will always have an official PG&E name tag Identification card.” I asked this employee the question in person at the PG&E information booth which was at the Arbor Day tree planting event in Southwest Community Park. This reporter had received an unverified email from a reader claiming to be a PG&E employee who felt the previous article made “their jobs harder”. At the Arbor Day event that PG&E employee stated they were glad we spread the word to be careful about local “scammers” trying to take advantage of unwary consumers.

   Unwary Roseland residents also need to be aware a comprehensive well-coordinated community plan for sustainable urban design has not been done with the Roseland Specific Plan now underway by Santa Rosa with funding from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. It has not been well coordinated with the Sonoma County Roseland Village redevelopment efforts. Also a Roseland Open Space and Parks plan has not been done either while the Roseland Creek Concept Plan from 2004 has not been integrated well into the Roseland Specific Plan at this time. Perhaps in this election year the candidates seeking to replace outgoing 5th District Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo will seek to champion these Roseland issues as much as he did?