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Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - April 2016


Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - April 2016

Our wonderfully wet March has swathed the hillsides in an even richer array of greens, now spotted with wildflowers of blue, yellow, white, and orange

At one highway entrance in Healdsburg I saw a bouquet-perfect clump of our iconic California poppies, the blooms filling every possible space. The weeds growing in the spaces between the vines are growing almost as high as the still-dormant grapes.

Not that the grapes will stay that way for long – today I saw the first buds starting to emerge, while the flooding beneath them reflected a spring-blue sky. While we are still hoping for – and likely to get – some more rain to officially end the drought, there is no doubt that we are in for an exceptionally stellar springtime here in Geyserville and the rest of Northern Sonoma County.

And there’s some good news on the Emu Egg Watch here at Isis Oasis Sanctuary ... after a very late start, our emus are laying. While our now five-foot-tall “baby” Emu Ostara won’t be laying eggs yet, she just celebrated her first birthday.

April in Geyserville

Each year, the vast and somewhat mysterious Oliver Ranch throws open its gates for a day, allowing just fifty lucky participants the chance to donate $100 each to a worthwhile local charity and satisfy their curiosity about the ranch and its many artistic wonders which are installed throughout the ranch. This event is always a sellout, so act fast if you have not already done so. And remember – if you miss the shuttle, you miss out – private vehicles are not permitted access to the property. The tour us Sunday, April 10th with pick-ups at the Oriental Hall/The Grange at the first bend on Highway 128 heading east out of Geyserville. By a delightful coincidence, the Oriental hall is having their annual fundraising breakfast that same morning starting at 8am, so arrive early if you want to enjoy breakfast. If you go for this option, you may want to go light on the coffee and orange juice though – there are no bathrooms available on the Oliver Ranch tour. Participants should be prepared to walk 2-3 miles during the course of the tour, which is not wheelchair accesdible, either.

Foodie Moment of the Month

The seasons are definitely changing – the familiar black barbecue has returned to the front of Geyserville Market. For just two dollars, you can watch while a delicious and authentic taco is created before your admiring eyes ... and nose. 

Considering the fact that many upscale restaurants are offering some sort of supposed “street taco” as a gourmet item with a price tag to match, this is a great chance to experience something fresh and authentic almost anytime you feel like it. 

As always, please feel free to write me at I love hearing from Sonoma County Gazette readers. Let me know your upcoming Geyserville events 6 to 8 weeks beforehand.