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Sebastappeal - Sarah Gurney - April 2016


Sebastappeal - April 2016 - Sarah Gurney

by Sarah Glade Gurney

Where Did the Time Go?

It’s already April? What happened to January, February and March? The time went by too fast, maybe because there’s so much going on in Sebastopol! 

Lots Happened - Looking Back at March

Congratulations to our Center for the Arts for its ninth Documentary Film Festival, now a renowned, international event. This year, the SDFF forged an even stronger connection in our downtown, all the way from Ives Park to The Barlow.   

Sebtowners joined people in more than 172 countries around the world to turn off their lights at 8:30pm on March 19, so the night sky could shine darkly for one hour. Earth Hour urges that no individual action is too small to change climate change – claim your power! 

The City, in conjunction with Cittaslow Sebastopol and Daily Acts, offered a free presentation about another way to meet our water conservation goals. Attendees at the program, “Gathering the Gift of Rain,” learned the basics of rainwater harvesting, from barrels, tanks and cisterns to rain gardens, swales and earthworks.

Lots Going On – Coming Up in April

Throughout April, volunteers will ring the doorbells of registered voters seeking support for the renewal of Sebastopol’s Urban Growth Boundary [UGB]. By centering growth within its boundary line, the UGB prevents sprawl, keeps our town walkable, promotes affordable housing, protects the Laguna, saves tax dollars, and supports community separator greenbelts. Add your signature to the petition. More at 

On April 2, Daily Acts leads a planting day in “Our Front Yard,” the landscape renovation project at the Library and City Hall. Volunteers will install the native plant garden around the northwest corner of the property. Register at

On April 9, the City offers hands-on experience in rain barrel installation under the tutelage of Daily Acts. Put best practices to work “Harvesting the Gift of Rain” at City Hall. Thank you to Sebastopol Hardware and Blue Barrel Systems for their generous support. Register at 

From April 13 through 15, the California Coastal Commission meets at the Board of Supervisors’ Chambers in Santa Rosa. The Commission will discuss, for the last time, the “Iron Rangers” proposed by State Parks at key locations on the Sonoma County Coast. 

This effort intends to take away from the public its free access to our coast by imposing parking fees high enough to make recreational enjoyment of our shoreline unaffordable to many. State Parks could instead ask the Legislature to fund a budget adequate to maintain our parks system. Want to pay $8-23/day to park at the coast, like folks do now at Huntington Beach? Check the agenda at for the exact date for this item. Attend and speak your mind.

During the week of April 15-23, Village Building Convergence [VBC] hosts a number of community-generating events around town. For example, under the direction of artist Dana Vallarino, volunteers will restore the murals on McKinley Street. Robinson Road neighbors will install a mosaic bench at Two Acre Wood and paint the intersection at Stefenoni Court. Young people may gather to create fairy gardens or play outdoor games. Go to to sign up.

Tradition rules during Apple Blossom Weekend, April 16 and 17, except that Police Chief Jeff Weaver will ride at the front of Saturday morning’s Parade as its Grand Marshal and the Chamber of Commerce’s Citizen of the Year, instead of patrolling the route on foot, like we are so used to seeing him.  

The 70th Apple Blossom Festival “Vintage Blossoms” welcomes a “Blues Explosion” featuring musical guests Patrick Sweany, the Peterson Brothers Band, and Lara Price, amongst others.  Walk over to Ives Park for the art show, food, beer, wine, crafts fair, and more.

[Correction to last month’s “Focus on Safety.”  The speed limit change happened on Pleasant Hill, on the short section of City roadway south of Bodega, not on Pleasant Hill North.]