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Noreen Evans endorsed by Sonoma County Conservation Action


Noreen Evans endorsed by Sonoma County Conservation Action

Sonoma County Conservation Action’s Board of Directors announced their endorsement of Noreen Evans for 5th District Sonoma County Supervisor.  The Board's decision was based on the former State Senator's long history of positions on environmental issues, her clear vision for Sonoma County, and her long standing support for SCCA, the County's leading environmental advocacy organization.

“Noreen Evans has an impressive track record supporting the environment and standing up to powerful development and resource extraction interests,” said Board President Neal Fishman. “This gives Conservation Action confidence that she will do the same as county supervisor.”

Sonoma County Conservation ActionThe SCCA Board was also impressed by the depth and breath of her work in the state legislature which included a stint as chair of the Senate Budget committee where she squared off with former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as Senator Evans fought to keep our State Parks open, including Armstrong Redwoods in Guerneville, CA.  

“Noreen Evans provides voters experience that can't be bought or gained through short cuts,” said Dennis Rosatti, SCCA Executive Director and former Harmony Union School Board Member. “Noreen’s connections in Sacramento and understanding of the budget process will be valuable assets for a county supervisor, and could give Sonoma County an edge in obtaining more state funding for things like parks, road repair, and climate change adaptation.”

Members of the SCCA Board also met with Lynda Hopkins, the other major candidate in the race, in which there are now five candidates. The Board was impressed in many ways by this very bright and engaging political newcomer.  Although some have been dubious about Ms. Hopkins based on her support from some of our traditional political adversaries, we think that Ms. Hopkins has real passion for the environment. But her governmental experience and savvy are thin- too thin in our opinion to gain our environmental endorsement. While her heart may be in the right place, her lack of experience will hamstring her effectiveness for some time.  Perhaps that is what those conservative “supporters” are banking on. Certainly we see no reason to support her over former Senator Evans who has a proven track record of environmental leadership and governmental effectiveness on nearly every level of government; from Santa Rosa Planning Commission, Santa Rosa City Council, State Assembly to State Senate. 



Sonoma County Conservation Action is the nonprofit, nonpartisan political arm of Sonoma County's environmental movement. Conservation Action provides political activism for Sonoma County residents concerned about the county's environment and quality of life. Conservation Action's full-time organizing staff knocks on roughly 70,000 doors in the county every year, identifying environmentally concerned residents, distributing information and election endorsements and mobilizing residents to write decision-makers and to volunteer for electoral campaigns.  Started in 1991, Conservation Action is Sonoma County’s largest environmental organization.