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Sonoma County Community Separators Public Workshops


Sonoma County Community Separators Public Workshops

The first county community separator workshop, format, and upcoming timelines. County planners are seeking comment on community separator lands during three public workshops in March and April; and going to the Planning Commission in May. Future dates and locations TBD.Please be sure to sign up on the new PRMD website to get future updates from the county.

First County Community Separator Workshop4 to 6 pm, Wednesday, March 2
PRMD Hearing Room, 2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa

Format of workshops:The focus is on adding community separators through a General Plan amendment.
45 minute presentation
by PRMD staff on community separators and possible additions.

Q and A
Break-out sessions in small groups to provide input on community separators and adding lands across the county.

Public comment can be provided at this workshop and coming workshops in person and with letters. A deadline will be provided for public comment soon.These workshops provide an amazing opportunity to provide specific recommendations on lands that should be added to community separators.We understand that PRMD will accept input on all lands, not just priority greenbelts! So we need your help to advocate for lands in your community!Please note that the ballot measure to renew existing community separators is not part of the workshops, but on a separate parallel track. Not sure when draft language will be made public.

Greenbelt Alliance in Santa Rosa.