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Student Acrobats thrill at Circus Waldissima - Santa Rosa

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Student Acrobats thrill at Circus Waldissima - Santa Rosa

 “Circus arts form the perfect combination of creativity and athleticism,” says Summerfield Waldorf alumni Rose McDonald who is directing this year’s Spring Show.  With a professional spring board, enchanting trapeze skits, and double silk tissue drops, students are literally flying high.  Demonstrating incredible grace, strength, and a power to enthrall audiences, the all student show offers a performance that even dazzles professionals.

In fact, several local professional performers often make guest appearances during the Spring Show. These professionals are lured into the ring by the large audiences the students command. “It’s fun to preform alongside them,” says Tyler Beale of Circus Mecca who plans to do a stunning straps performance this year. 

“If ethos means ‘spirit of a culture’ you’ll see our student culture on full display through this colorful and textural performance,” affirms high school student and assistant student director Iren Barnum. 

Miguel Salmeron, Trapeze artistSummerfield students begin practicing performance, dance, movement, painting, and playing musical instruments in early grades and continue studying the arts throughout their education.  The Circus provides an annual opportunity for students to convert their study into true play.

Student musicians develop the live musical score for the show, while working with other student dancers to choreograph routines to the songs.   Those with painting and building skills create the props and backdrop for the sets.   Students with physical agility practice intense gymnastics and climbing routines.  Together, the students from fourth grade through high school create a fantastic collision of costumes, acrobatics, dance, trapeze arts, and live music culminating in the Circus Waldissima show.

Advance Tickets available at the Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm in the Main Office and via  (Adults: $15.  Children and Seniors: $8.)

Show times include: Saturday, March 19 at 7:00 pm and Sunday, March 20 at 2:00 pm 



Celebrating 24 Years of Circus Arts and Waldorf Education

Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm’s Circus Waldissima is celebrating 24 years of dazzling performances.  Circus Waldissima uniquely offers annual performances under an authentic big top tent. 

Wonder at the weaving key Waldorf education components—drama, music, and movement—with traditional Circus arts. 

“Circus blends movement with theatrics.  It brings together the disciplines of music, art, verbal expression, and physical education by putting it all into a story or show,” explains Circus teacher Sieglinde Basmajian.

“In Germany Waldorf schools almost always have a circus program,” says Sieglinde noting that more and more American Waldorf schools also boast a circus program.  Movement teachers often take up leading the circus as many circus arts offer excellent opportunities for brain and body task integration and mastering spatial dynamics.  “Juggling is a great left right coordination challenge,” explains Sieglinde.