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Sebastopol Opens Time Bank Pilot Study to Address Housing Costs

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Sebastopol Opens Time Bank Pilot Study to Address Housing Costs

Looking for a way to beat the high cost of housing in Sebastopol? Cittaslow Sebastopol and the City of Sebastopol are exploring the option of “Time Banking” with a Time Bank Pilot Study

A Time Bank is a network of people who do things for each other and get “paid” for their time with Time Bank Credits. One hour of work = one Time Bank Credit.

For instance, Member A spends 3 hours painting a fence for Member B and earns 3 “Time Bank Credits.” Member A can then use those 3 credits to ask Member C to do childcare, or perhaps ask Member D to help with rototilling. 

By earning and spending credits, participants get rewarded for the unique skills they have to share while building community as they get to know other participants in the Time Bank network.

There are over 400 Time Banks throughout the U.S. Sebastopol thinks it might be time to try one out here. 

To explore the possibilities, A Time Bank Pilot Study is being conducted in April and May. 

Participants must be at least 18 years old and live in the 95472 zip code.

To meet the needs of the Study, participants must agree to:

- Engage with the online software (hOurworld).

- Attend an introductory gathering on Wednesday evening, April 6th (downtown Sebastopol location to be announced.)  

- Request at least one service over the course of the study.  

- Offer at least one service and do your best to provide at least one during the course of the study.

- Respond to other participants using email at least, and phone when mutually agreed upon.  

- Answer an online survey giving feedback about your experience.

- Come to a final wrap up event the evening of Wednesday, June 8th (place to be announced) and share your experiences!


Space is limited

To assure a representative range of ages in the study, there are limited spots for each “decade.” Apply today before your age range gets filled! (Those who do not get in will be put on a Waiting List. And certainly, we will keep you up-to-date on development of the Time Bank once we have analyzed the data from the study. 

Learn more about Time Banking at

Time Bank Values:

Everyone has something to offer

Giving is Receiving

Volunteers make communities work

People need people

In the context of addressing income inequality, a Time Bank treats everyone’s time equally, regardless of gender, race, education or skill level.

Have questions? Contact the Cittaslow Sebastopol Time Bank Team at!blank-1/c1clz