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North Coast Winds - Robin Joy Wellman - March 2016


North Coast Winds - Robin Joy Wellman - March 2016

Aaahh! Spring is at right at our finger tips. The feel of warmth on winter worn bodies, the longer daylight for that extra-long walk, and the urge to be outside in our gardens putting our fingers in the soil (pulling the ‘forever’ weeds) gives us all faith that yet another earth cycle is before us. Like you, I can’t wait to get my new flower seeds that are now sprouting inside into the nourishing soil in the yard (March 12 is Plant a Flower Day). But lessons learned long ago;  be patient and resist the urge to plant outside for yet another month or so unless you have a protected space. We can still get those late frosts and heavy storms in March. However you might recall that Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow – therefore we will have an early spring.  So get ready! And if you find yourself ahead of the garden game than take that extra-long walk to enjoy those early wildflowers. The redwood sorrel is in full bloom creating the brightest of yellow fields, iris’ are showing their true colors, star zigadene ( I love saying that word) has been spotted standing up tall, California Blue eyed grass dots the meadow, and ‘footsteps of spring’ are abundant with new growth (Rose my dog is never happy about).

This month I want to highlight a few of our local spots where we can get a head start on getting some seeds started, or planting young hardy plants now.

Gualala Nursery  ( ),

The Sea Ranch Building Supply ), and

The Outback Garden and Feed ( )

are three great places to pick up seeds and starts. The owners and employees are super friendly and will guide you through the process of planting your new garden area, or putting in a few flowers (shower the earth with flowers). If you are a new gardener, or new to our area and wondering what grows well here in our coastal climate they have the answers. Shop Local!

For some local events for March check out the lecture at the Fort Ross State Park on March 12th, at 1:30pm for the complete history of the Farallon Islands – ‘From Early Formation to Present Day’, sponsored by the Fort Ross Conservancy. National Wildlife Refuge System Ranger Jose Garcia will also include photos of the Russian-era structures still visible on the island as well as geologic formation of the islands, faunal evolution, Alaska Natives on the islands, eminent domain and eggers rights, first conservation efforts and more. Several artists openings are taking place at the Gualala Art Center. Visit them at for more details at At the Point Arena Lighthouse Scott Mercer will share census data of the Gray Whale. Please visit the website at for date and times.

There are many dates to celebrate in March if you need a reason to celebrate. March represents the
Irish American month,
Music is our schools month,
National Peanut month and
National Women’s History Month.
March 1 is National Pig Day,
March 3 is ‘I want you to be Happy Day’ (please),
March 4 is Employee appreciation Day (please oh please),
March 4 is a hug a GI Day (love you Noah and Lucas),
March 5 is Multiple Personality Day (everyone),
March 6 is National Dentist Day (love to my dentist Dr. Cox),
March 22 is National Good Off Day (anyone have any plans?), and
March 30 is National Take a Walk in the Park Day.     

And last, a personal story. I have always thought I was part Irish. I love everything about Ireland including the music, the food, and the beer and I feel connected to this place. I had lots of red tints in my hair, I have green eyes, and freckles. It has always been a part of my thoughts and my identity that I was Irish – or at least part Irish. My family has ignored this thought and in fact teased me for years about this. I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with fervor. More taunts and tease. They assured me that I have no Irish in my blood. Until this past year! Lo and behold, my brother recently did some family ancestry research and DNA testing and there it is! Irish ancestry!  So – with all my heart – and gusto – I wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day – for the little bit of Irish that is in all of us.

From the Kenneth Haynes web

“May there always be work for your hands to do,
May your purse always hhold a coin or two.
May the sun always shine warm on your windowpane.
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be nar you,
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.”