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Rio Nido Magic - March 2016


Rio Nido Magic - March 2016

by Elena Chronis

A Trip Down Memory Lane:

Clare and Carla Harris, long time River residents invited historian John Schubert and Sarah along with the Friends of Rio Nido Board/members over for a special dinner recently. The second of two such dinners. Invitees were: John Uniack, Marsee Henon, Adam Flaherty, Kim Holliday, Nate and Ingrid Emming, Larry Tocmakidis and Elena Chronis. Clare and Carla have many, many old historical photographs, maps and memorabilia from the early 1900's. All of us were in awe of the photos of old homes, trains, the beaches and big bands. It was such a treat to be able to hear about all the interesting goings on in Rio Nido back in the day and the Russian River area. A big thank you for a beautiful evening spent with new friends and old friends! See you soon.


The Pink Stiletto Underground Supper Club:

The PSUSC has 30 members now and is five years old. The club started in Rio Nido to meet new people and network. Most members are RN residents but we do have ladies coming from Forestville and Guerneville. An eclectic group of ladies ranging in ages from late 20's to mid 70's. A spinoff of the group met for a Valentine's Ladies soiree on February 10th to celebrate Valentine's Day. Ladies in attendance were: Beverly Misner, Kerri Cardelli, Linda Magness, Ingrid Emming, Martine Widmann, Alexandria Goodman, Leslie Bahr and yours truly. The next dinner is approaching fast.


Potholes anyone?:

A big thank you to all the members belonging to the "Rio Nido Neighborhood Collective" who called in the potholes to the County. The RNNC now has 122 members.  Such a great resource for all of us living here in Rio Nido to have discussions and alerts regarding the Community we live in. The comraderie amongst all the members is stellar. In regards to the potholes....we had some large ones that could swallow up an adult. It took a while to get the County out here. Alas they finally decided to listen to our pleas and made it out a week ago. In a perfect world it would be wonderful to have our streets repaved. Some are worse for wear than others.  But I'll take the patching of holes any day over nothing being done. The Squeaky Wheel gets the grease.


St. Patrick's Day:

St. Patrick's Day this year lands on Thursday, March 17th. This day honors St. Patrick and Christianity in Ireland. It also celebrates the culture and heritage of the Irish population. People wear green and attend parties and festivals.  Church services are also attended. Symbols include the shamrock, anything green, Irish beer and the leprechaun. Be sure to wear green. Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, don't forget to head over to the Rio Nido Roadhouse for some St. Patrick's Day cheer. Always a festive place to celebrate holidays and special occasions. RNR: 14540 Canyon 2 Rd, Rio Nido, CA.  707-869-0821.


Rio Nido Pet of the Month:

Minka -- Rio Nido March 2016 Pet of the MonthMinka-Minx (aka Minkaroo the Kangaroo and Minky-Stinky) is a two year old "fawn" Chihuahua.  We are not quite sure where she came from, but is a rescue. She has impeccable manners, is house trained and a sweetheart. She enjoys her walks all around Rio Nido and is quite friendly with everyone she meets. She runs ever so fast like a little race horse. And jumps very high. She is a bit of a lounger and likes to go deep into the bed covers and not come out unless you pull her out. Life is good for this little one who showers her humans with lots of love and kisses.