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OPINION: The United States Presidential Election

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OPINION: The United States Presidential Election

By John and Logan Leddy

American elections express the many minds of the people. Presidential elections bring these multiple perspectives and viewpoints into focus.  There are certain aspects of the election process people despise, while other aspects some people appreciate.  We share both of these. This can be said of this year's presidential candidates. We have perspectives regarding both the election process and the candidates that dislike and we like like all Americans only we don’t get to vote…yet.

We appreciate many aspects of the presidential election. First of all, you get to hear many candidates and citizens speak from all over the country. They talk about their vision for the future. It is also exciting hearing the people debate over ideas. In presidential elections, we also get to see how people vote. As we can see what the voters want, we think this is great because it teaches us about our country. It also  shows us the current state of the parties and where they are going. Seeing how states vote reveals to us what issues and beliefs are important to the people who live there. We get to see how different or how similar the rest of the country is to us in our beliefs. We find joy in our elections because they always mean change.

In the Presidential election, there are aspects that we dislike. One is the Electoral College system. We think this is an outdated system. The Electoral College doesn’t allow our democratic election process to select our President. It forces all of the candidates to visit the swing states such as Ohio or Florida thus giving them more power.

Democracy is about representing the will of the people. Campaign finance rules currently subvert the interest of democracy. Candidates who attempt to appeal to the powerful interests rather than the rest of us are corrupting the foundations of our democracy.

Besides the Electoral College and campaign finance, presidential primaries also interfere with democracy. Primaries should be the voice of the parties. In the important election, there is a limited time you are truly giving American voters a choice. The rest of the time before the General election is spent nominee of their party and not the best President.

We have many perspectives on the current presidential candidates. We appreciate having candidates express so many views. For example, this election we have Bernie Sanders representing the far left, and Ted Cruz and Donald Trump on the far right. Then we have other candidates which seem flippy floppy. By flippy floppy we mean that that they will say one thing in one state and say the different in another.

Running for President creates false impressions about candidates. Voters only see a small piece of who you are through the lens of the media. Some will talk about their vision for the future and others will try to scare voters into supporting them. The process in which candidates to appeal to their supporters fails the American people. Candidates will attack others to gain support.

Donald Trump is one of the candidates who tends to use fear-mongering and Bernie Sanders shares his vision for the future. We prefer straight talk and no fear mongering.  We want candidates who will honestly tell us why they want to be President. 

In the coming months we look forward to see how the candidates campaign as we get closer to the nominations. We hope the candidates on both sides with the most honesty and integrity will win their respective nomination.   

Elections are the pinnacle of our democracy and they have ups and downs but are needed.   The voice of the people is the spirit of our elections. To have that voice everyone needs to vote because we can’t…yet.  


John and Logan Leddy can't vote yet because they are not of voting age.


nspiring to hear from young people who are engaged in the democratic process and care about how it works.  more of this would be great.  

Pamela Van Halsema

I stumbled upon this article as I was doing research and it makes me so happy that such young people know so much about the election process.  I had written an article on this topic as well, with a very similar opinion.  I touch on almost all of the same issues— campaign finance, public opinion, and the electoral system.  If you’re interested at all here is a link: 

Again, I am so impressed that people who cannot even vote yet are so informed!  It truly gives me great faith in the future of the United States. 



I am very proud of John and Logan Leddy for speaking up with fairness, candidness. The youth of today are watching adults and choosing substance not hatred. They will soon be the leaders of tomorrow. Not soon enough. Good Job.

Judy Leddy