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Photo Contest WINNERS

Richie by Vera Foster

More than 100 people entered our contest for Pets & Wildlife photos. We judged in 7 categories:

Pets: Furry, Feathered & Finned

Wildlife: Furry, Feathered, Finned and Scaled (the latter loosely interpretted to include insects since both fish and amphibians have scales!

As far as we are concerned - these are ALL winners - and yes, of course each of us have favorites, but it's very personal where one rises above another. Even among us at the Gazette - we didn't agree so we have a mix of all of our favorites.

So enjoy the beauty of Creatures of our Earth, brought to you by photographers of Sonoma County.

AND please USE the Shutterbug Cameria Shops AD in the Gazette on page 35 - offering FREE PRINTS (by April 2, 2016) at their shops in both Santa Rosa and Petaluma. This ad gives EVERY READER a chance to have a print of their favorite photograph - THANK YOU Shutterbug Cameras!

Shutterbug Camera Shops FREE PRINT

Prizes include Gift Certificates from these local businesses:

Shutterbug Camera Shops: Santa Rosa & Petaluma

Apples n Carrots Tack Shop: Larkfield/Santa Rosa

The Restaurant at Russian River Vineyards: Forestville

Western Farm Center: Santa Rosa

DaVinci Teeth Whitening: Santa Rosa

Larsen's Feed Supply: Cotati

Anderson & Son Handyman: Santa Rosa

Coddingtown Veterinary: Santa Rosa

King Falafel: Sebastopol

Stout Brothers irish Pub and Restaurant: Santa Rosa



Edmond Bridant, ARPS


Lola by Jon Russo


Sherri Reed Photography


Paris Jade by Cathy Thomas


Henry by Liz Lawson


Valley Fire horses by Katherine Griffin




Butch by Courtney Williams


Amanda YsKamp


Smiling Llama by Edmond Bridant


Amanda Yskamp - parrots




Jill Zwicky - Cedar Waxwing enjoying a meal



Amnon Shemi - Tomales Point


Olivia Oritz


Nesting Egret by Edmond Bridant


Hummingbird bathing in the rain by Victoria Vonthal


Caterpillar by Olivia Oritz


David Bakaleinikoff


Two fawns by Michael Echton


Laguna Otter by Bryan Morgan


Sea Lion in Surf by John Hershey


Kerry Brady - Wood Ducks


Aquila Reis - burrowing owl


Redwood Forest slug by Kevin O’Connor


Psychedelic Anemone by Claire Weaver