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Sonoma Coast Fee Collection Proposal Summary


Sonoma Coast Fee Collection Proposal Summary

The following provides a summary of proposed fee collection in select, existing developed State Park facilities within the Coastal Zone of Sonoma County.  The proposal is an effort to balance the input from the local community, the requirements of the Coastal Act and the inherent challenges of managing and protecting natural and cultural resources of the State Park System. The proposal is a product of State Parks and was developed over the course of seven meetings with the input of the Sonoma Coast Fee Issue Working Group, whose members consist of; California State Parks, County of Sonoma (Board of Supervisors, Permit Resource Management Department and Sonoma County Regional Parks), Sonoma County Surfrider Foundation, Sonoma County Conservation Action, Coastwalk, Bodega Bay Fire Department and Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods.  

The goal of the stakeholders group was to ensure a public process/public meeting; identify impacts of fees at each location and not to tailor or show approval for any proposal. 

Administrative Actions

• $8/day for new fee areas or up to $3/hour where possible. Free “surf checks” of 30 minutes.

• Sonoma Coast State Annual Park Pass (Fort Ross, Salt Point, Sonoma Coast).

• Disseminate Low Income Pass information to Sonoma County residents.

• Work with Sonoma County Regional Parks to find alternatives for low income, undocumented residents for fee areas.

• Minimize future service reductions in areas where no fees are collected. 

• Retained revenue, pursuant to Public Resources Code §5010.7(d) from new fee collection used for services along the Sonoma Coast. 

• Implement Sonoma Coast Advisory Group to build and maintain community involvement. 

Fee Collection

Key Criteria 

• Natural & Cultural Resource Protection 

• Public Safety 

• Traffic and Parking Impacts

• Services and Activities

• Entrance Station v. Fee Collection Devices

• Revenue

• Spatial Arrangement

Proposed Locations

Entrance Stations: Bodega Head, Willow Creek, Goat Rock

• Entrance station (two ingress lanes). Staffed peak times, fee collection device when not staffed.

• Miscellaneous improvements; road repair, ADA upgrades, gates, barrier and landscaping improvements.

Fee Collection Devices: Shell Beach, Stump Beach, Freezeout Creek 

• Fee collection device in parking area and any needed site improvements including ADA upgrades