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Free Drip Irrigation Workshop


Free Drip Irrigation Workshop

Have you ever walked into the irrigation aisle at the hardware store, gotten overwhelmed with the choices, and left with the wrong parts? Do you have to pay someone to water your garden when you go out of town, or worry that you’ll come home to shriveled, dead plants? Did you set your drip timer 15 years ago and haven’t changed anything sense?

Daily Acts and the Town of Windsor are teaming up to offer a FREE workshop on Demystifying Drip Irrigation on March 19th, 1-3pm at the Windsor Library. 

Join us for just a couple hours to learn how to confidently install or upgrade your own drip irrigation system to save a ton of water and time. We’ll discuss design considerations from manifold to emitter, giving you a few simple best practices that can be applied to all sorts of landscapes. You’ll get hands-on time identifying and assembling a wide variety of parts, with the supportive guidance of professionals, as well as tour a couple of different real-life irrigation systems. We’ll also discuss recent research about how to best distribute water (how long, how often, how deep, etc.) so that your plants can truly thrive. 

This summer is predicted to be a hot one, so now’s the time to get ahead of the curve and set up your own drip irrigation system. We’ll help you create a lean, mean, drought-fighting machine! Sign up at or call 707-789-9664.