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Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - March 2016


Geyserville Grapevine - deTraci Regula - March 2016

Geyserville has gone green – at least chromatically. The seasons’ rains have covered everything with fresh, vigorous green growth which will provide a perfect Ireland-like backdrop for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities this month. The mild weather has encouraged the plum trees to bloom, and the misty mauve blossoms are dressing up the byways. Here at the Isis Oasis Sanctuary, the hawks are building a nest in our Great Tree, and the African Crested Cranes, if not quite starting the mating dances their species is famous for, are at least making eyes at each other across the ballroom. Our Emus, occupied with their nearly year-old adopted daughter, seem to have abandoned egg-laying entirely. Usually we have the first of the big green eggs by January first, but this year’s cooler and moister weather may just be delaying things a bit. We will see. While they were not hatching any chicks - which is why we fostered an outside emu egg – our pair usually produces thirty to thirty-five eggs over several months of laying. And nothing is easier than cooking with emu eggs – just one crack and you have enough for several omelets. The taste is a little richer than a standard chicken egg but utterly delicious

March Around Geyserville

March is  National Women’s History Month and while there are many highbrow commemorations of this special month, in Geyserville, the Lodging Association celebrates with a Girlfriend Getaway promotion. You can access the special female-friendly offers from the local Geyserville Lodging Association members through the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce website at

“Roll Out the Barrel - We’ll Have A Barrel of Fun!”

Friday, March 4th is the start of the annual Wine Barrel Tasting along the Wine Road of Northern Sonoma. Numerous Geyserville wineries and tasting rooms are participating. For two weekends in March, March 5-6 & March 12-14, the 2016 Barrel Tasting gives wine connoisseurs  the opportunity to  taste a wine  in its early stages - and if it seems promising, to buy it  on the spot for delivery later. While this event is definitely all about the wine, the organizers have added a special Winemaker’s Breakfast opportunity at an additional cost, allowing participants to share breakfast with prominent wine makers as their hosts. 

The event costs $45 for a weekend ticket including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or $35 for Sunday only. Designated drivers pay just $5. Participating Geyserville locations include Locals, Mercury/Ramazotti, Pedroncelli Winery, and Route 128 Vineyards & Winery. While most of the participating wineries in the Northern Sonoma area are not offering food, most of the Geyserville participants are providing snacks. If you find yourself in need of an on-the-go nosh, remember that both Geyserville Liquor and the AJs Mini-mart make delicious sandwiches to go. For more information, visit the Wine Road website at, call 800-723-6336 or email 

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