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Homeless Action! Inspires Single Mom to Build Her Own Tiny House


Homeless Action! Inspires Single Mom to Build Her Own Tiny House

Homeless Action! announced today that one of their own, a single mother with a 3 year old boy, will build her own tiny house here in Sonoma County to make up for the lack of affordable housing. 

River King, River, and Jay Shafer.River King will partner with Jay Shafer, a prominent architect in the tiny house movement, and together they will work towards the momentum to end homelessness across the state of California. Shafer, a long time tiny house architect and creator of Four Lights Tiny House Company, has been working on a scaled down version of his original plans designed specifically to cater to the needs of our homeless population. He states, “This problem already has a solution – homes for the homeless. There is too much talent, resources, and land right here in Sonoma County for us to allow for people sleeping completely unsheltered under bridges or in tent encampments.”

King and her then 2-year-old son, River, fell between the cracks of the Sonoma County’s housing crisis and landed in Santa Rosa’s Safe Parking Program.  She was horrified by the challenges that homeless families face and how these struggles go largely unnoticed by local communities. “It is a crime against the humanity of our children to ask them to sleep in vehicles at night without access to warmth, water, or adequate food,” King states. She wrote about her experiences and created a gofundme page in order to raise funds for her first Tiny Home. The project will not only provide a home for her son, but will also draw awareness to the cost-effectiveness of simply providing people with homes instead of spending excessive tax payer dollars keeping them alive in deplorable conditions on the street. 

King, a classically trained pianist and former music teacher, and Shafer, are in the process of selecting a Board of Directors for “The Little River Tiny House Charity,” which she named after her son. They are committed to working in partnership with Homeless Action! and the The Living Room in Santa Rosa, which she says has been a “safe haven” for struggling women and children, to ensure that tiny houses and tiny house villages become a reality.