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Sonoma 9 Cinemas May be Closing


Sonoma 9 Cinemas May be Closing

By Liz Hart

Sonoma 9 Cinemas may be closing soon as papers have reported. We need to save it now!

The people of The Springs in Sonoma, have been very upset by two articles written by the Sonoma Sun paper and the Index Tribune stating that the Cinema may close.

A grassroots group to save the cinemas has been started. The Group is named Save Our Cinemas. A petition has been started at named Save Sonoma 9 Cinemas!

One can contact the group leader at or check out our Facebook page.

Currently there are approximately 100 supporters and the paper petitions haven’t started. The plan is to get the paper petitions started within the next week with local volunteers. Save Our Cinemas hopes to coordinate a meeting with the following: Supervisor of district 5, The owner of Fiesta Plaza and the owner of Cinema West.

People are becoming increasingly frustrated as Cinema west will not respond. The issue of it not being a problem to drive to drive to Napa or Petaluma is ridiculous. Our hope is to raise awareness of this issue while we have time and time is running out

The Sonoma 9 Cinemas has been an important part of our community for many years. Both residents and tourists can come to the cinemas for a great movie experience. The theatre provides entertainment both for children, teenagers and adults. It give’s a cultural and educational experience that helps keeps kids off the street, keep people from being isolated and much more.

It is the only theatre in the town of Sonoma that shows first-run movies every day of the week; including $5.00 Tuesdays. The price to go to the movies is nominal compared to many other forms of entertainment; thus making it available to almost everyone.

If the Sonoma 9 Cinemas is gone, many will not be able to walk, bike or have easy access to see the movies. People will have to drive to either Santa Rosa or Napa.

The group is plans to work with the community to try to find a way to keep the Sonoma 9 Cinema.

The leader stated “we feel this cinema is of great importance for our community. While our town may not be as large as others, the town of Sonoma needs a place for all to enjoy movies”. Please contact if you would like to volunteer or discuss this matter.