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Koenigshofer Will Not Run…Endorses Lynda Hopkins


Koenigshofer Will Not Run…Endorses Lynda Hopkins

By Eric Koenigshofer

I have decided that I will not enter the race for 5th District Supervisor.  I have watched the contest unfold during the past several months and I have considered the field of candidates who have expressed an interest in running for this important elected office.  I have been impressed with Lynda Hopkins and have decided to devote myself to her effort to become the next 5th District Supervisor.  I am endorsing Lynda as of today.

I have lived and worked in the 5th District for over 40 years.  Throughout those years I have been active in the day to day activities which make the west county such an interesting and unique place.  The 5th District is the most complex of the five supervisorial districts with so many small villages and hamlets, the coast, the Russian River, dairy farming, livestock raising and wine grape farming and wine making.  The economy of the 5th District has a preponderance of locally owned and operated small businesses. 

The 5th District also includes the most interesting and diverse portion of Santa Rosa; Roseland and the larger area of SW Santa Rosa.  These neighborhoods deserve and need focused attention from the county government and the City of Santa Rosa to complete current annexation efforts and to move forward with future annexations to integrate this wonderful part of our community fully into the City.

Having had the honor and privilege of representing the 5th District on the Board of Supervisors from 1977 – 1981 I have a long and deep connection to the place.   During my time on the Board I was a part of the environmental majority which adopted our first General Plan.  That was a turning point in our community’s history when we stopped the conversion of agricultural lands to rural-ranchette sprawl, established community separators, protected agricultural lands and open space and saved the Sonoma coast from rampant development by implementing the Coastal Act.  We see the success of these efforts all around us every day.  Lynda will be a good steward of the landscape and community we all love so dearly.

I have spent 10 to 12 hours in half a dozen meetings with Lynda Hopkins over the past few months discussing issues and getting to know her.  She is smart, well-educated and youthful.  She will be a hard working Supervisor devoted to engaging the community fully in problem solving.  Lynda has a thoughtfully balanced approach to the delicate task of representing the 5th District in county-wide policy matters and at the same time she has the attentiveness and understanding to take care of the needs of the many small hamlets and villages which define what is best about the west county.

Lynda Hopkins will be an excellent representative of the 5th District.  I urge my friends and supporters to support Lynda in her campaign.  Lynda is best qualified to lead the 5th district into the future.

To learn more about Lynday Hopkins - please visit her campaign website: