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When Chihuahuas Fly - Compassion Without Borders


When Chihuahuas Fly - Compassion Without Borders

By Nancy Hair 

Compassion Without Borders (CWOB) is a Santa Rosa based non-profit that provides veterinary services to pets in need. One of their creative programs is a monthly chihuahua airlift. Dr. Christi Camblor and her husband Moncho Camblor, the co-founders of CWOB, drive to the Central Valley nearly every month to choose 30-40 chihuahuas from overpopulated, high kill shelters in the Fresno area, where fewer than half the impounded dogs can expect to leave the shelters alive. 

CWOB has an arrangement with Animal Humane Society, a partner in the Minneapolis area, where there is not the tsunami of small dogs that our California shelters have. AHS welcomes 30-40 chihuahuas, up to age 5, though, sometimes they’ll offer to take a special ‘senior airlift’, if CWOB can raise money to fly them. With a rock bottom price from Delta, the shipping cost averages just $100 per dog. Volunteers drive the dogs to SFO at the crack of dawn and help load them into crates that go in a pressurized compartment. The dogs are met on landing by volunteers and adopters. Many of the dogs are “preadopted” from the AHS website or social media and go right to their forever homes. And most of the dogs are adopted within a week. 

If you’d like to save a life by sponsoring a chihuahua, go to (‘Programs, U.S.) for information. It’s the Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving for someone special.