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Sebastappeal - Sarah Gurney - February 2016


Sebastappeal - February 2016 - Sarah Gurney

by Sarah Glade Gurney

“OK, love your pet…” 

“…just don’t use my front yard!” Seb-towners voice this concern with increasing energy. No one wants to clean up after someone else’s dog. It’s not even pleasant to pick up after your own dog while you enjoy a walk around town. But it’s the right thing to do. So be courteous and pick up after your dog.

Clear Your Sidewalk

Everyone wants wider sidewalks in town, whether they’re taking a walk with their dog or alone.  So look at your home’s sidewalk frontage. Is it overgrown? Do you need to clear bushes, ivy, overhanging trees, or other debris from the sidewalk? Make room for the comfortable passage of a dog-walker or two pedestrians. The City doesn’t have “sidewalk police” or a work crew to come clear your sidewalk. You need to do that. City Staff is making sure your water and sewer services work, roadways are clear, travel is safe. 

And, While You’re at Out, Slow Down in Town

 No doubt about it – all drivers in town need to slow down, especially on residential streets.

Update – CVS 

“What’s going on with CVS?” Many people have asked me this.  

The answer, according to City Manager/Attorney Larry McLaughlin who is in contact with CVS’s attorney, “Our City Staff has done everything they can do to process and advance this project.” 

So it remains up to CVS Corporate and their development team to decide what happens when on the former Pellini Chevrolet site. It’s already been than one year after the settlement of the two lawsuits in October 2014.

Our community has expressed two sentiments. One, “They should tear down the Pellini buildings. They’re such an eyesore” (in favor of a fenced, empty building site). Secondly, “They never intended to build in town. They just wanted to keep out their competitor.” (Walgreens has since purchased Rite-Aid). And less commonly, “They should sell to the City, for a park/a big building/a new Civic Center/etc.”

From the history of the McDonald’s business site in town, we’ve learned that a corporate tenant could pay as much as five years’ rent while “they” make decisions about their business and real estate interests (per Jim Costello, in the Sonoma West Times and News, dated Jan. 21, 2016).  How long will CVS take?

Feb. 9, 2016, Meeting re: DRAFT General Plan

Joint Meeting City Council and Planning Commission 

The second in a series of three joint meetings of the City Council and Planning Commission at 6 p.m. at the Youth Annex on Morris Street, will cover four chapters of the Draft General Plan: Community Services and Facilities; Conservation and Open Space; Community Health and Wellness; and Community Character.

To prepare, read these sections and the Staff/Consultant’s Report for the meeting.  See the material on City’s website.

These joint meetings precede the required public comment period on the “final” General Plan and the related Environmental Impact Report (EIR), after which comes a series of additional public hearings before the Planning Commission and then the City Council.

You Gotta Love Our City – All Year and Especially on Feb. 11 

On Thursday February 11, 2016, the Chamber of Commerce will celebrate its Community Awards for the Year 2016.   The awards’ categories could include: Citizen of the Year, Business of the Year; Volunteer of the Year; Youth Service to the Community; Service to Youth; Environmental Conscientiousness; Outstanding Public Service; Excellent New Business; Service to Seniors; Humanitarian of the Year; Contributor to the Arts; Spirit of Sebastopol; Hall of Fame, Beautification of Visible Site; Public Employee [Police] and Firefighter of the Year.

Come to the event, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the Sebastopol Area Center for the Arts on S. High Street. Parking available across the street in the municipal lot. From 6 to 6:45 p.m, enjoy light refreshments during the reception. From 6:45 to 8 p.m., cheer the announcement of each award. Come appreciate those who give to our community.  Be inspired by what others are so willing to do.