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Rio Nido Magic - February 2016


Rio Nido Magic - February 2016

by Elena Chronis

Love is in the air

February is the “Love” month. I just love this time of year. The stores are full of hearts and merchandise displayed in the stores is in varying shades of red. A cheerful color. Valentine’s Day has always been a special day for me since I was a small child in grade school. Each Valentine’s Day when I was growing up was a time for me to share. I would make personalized Valentine’s Day cards for each and everyone of my classmates. Then I would pass around a big bowl filled with heart candies, chocolate and sugar candies and would let my school mates pick candy from the oversized candy bowl I would bring to class. I did this just about every year. It became something my homeroom class looked forward to every February. These days as an adult this memory holds a special place in my heart. Not a whole lot has changed as I send Valentine’s cards to my friends and enjoy doing a Valentine’s dinner at my house with heart shaped foods and desserts. With V-Day approaching make some fun plans with those special people in your life. Get those dinner reservations in because in this tiny town, reservations fill up quickly and Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

Friends of Rio Nido (FRN) update

Saturday January 23rd was another successful FRN meeting. This meeting was held at the RNR due to damp and cold weather conditions. A big thanks to Brad and the staff for keeping us warm with coffee. Agenda items included:

Safety and Security issues. Our local Sheriff came out to discuss ways to stay safe.

Infrastructure: Speed limit update, a discussion many old and new potholes that have cropped up, the culvert and tunnel cleanup.

Russian River Branding: Rio Nido sign project update as well as talks about lighting for our new RN sign.

Our next FRN meeting will be held on Saturday, March 19th. Stay tuned for more news. Go to for updated information. See you next month.

So far so good!

It’s been a pretty nice winter so far suffice it to say. November 1st was our first cold winter day. And, the rains have been so good for us here in SoCo. Don’t get me wrong because it has been very cold but clear. In a perfect weather scenario if winter continues through Spring as its been going along I think we cannot complain. The river is high and looking great. So mesmerizing to see it fill up finally after all these dry years. Having a day of rain then a day of sunshine and dry conditions is just perfect. Hoping Mother Nature doesnt wreak too much havoc on us this winter.

Pet of the Month

Rio Nido Pet of the MonthToby Pooter is a Jack Chi-Weeny. Meaning he is part Jack Russell, part Chihuahua and part Dachshund. He is four years old. I have known Toby  aka “Poot-Poot, Toot-Toot” since he was born. He was a very sick boy who was fortunately cured of his illness and has been healthy ever since. He spends most of his time in Rio Nido with his mom Suzy F. who resides on Canyon 7. When he isn’t in RN he stays at his other digs in Oakland. Toby is very sharp and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to his treats, he doesn’t like to share and fiercely protects his treats and toys from other doggies. He enjoys going for drives with his mom and enjoys his walks to the RN post office and all around RN. Toby loves to lounge in his poopaloo (dog bed) and especially loves to visit with his favorite Uncle Larry. His cousin Jesse James the Rottweiler is one of his very best partners in crime and playmate.