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Occidental Oriented - February 2016 - MacKenzie Nekton


Occidental Oriented - February 2016 - MacKenzie Nekton

The season of love is upon us, and this year, rather than ranting about Devin or my mom (who are both very worthy of love), I’d like to take a moment to love the place we live. I think it was last year’s February column that was themed “love where you live”, but as a grumpy sophomore, I wasn’t feeling it as much. This year, as some of my friends start their last semester of high school, and beloved several teachers leave my school, I’m feeling particularly grateful for Occidental and those who work hard to keep it beautiful. 

First and foremost among these people is the OCCAC, or the Occidental Community Center Advisory Council. They had their first of three meetings last Sunday, and I counted around one hundred people in attendance. The design plans shown by PRAXIS, the local architectural firm that was hired by the county to work on the project, were beautiful. PRAXIS had several different schematics, each with emphasis on a different part of the wide-ranging responses that the community survey reported. You can look at the different design plans at 

Occidental Community Center proporsals

The next meeting the OCCAC is holding will be on February 6 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM at the Occidental Community Center. This meeting will cover the updated design plans that were created based on community feedback gathered at the January 23 meeting. This meeting will also highlight opportunities to sign up for membership, participate in new programs, and raise funds for the updating of the Community Center.

Another group in town that I feel is under appreciated is the Occidental Community Council. While the council is a relatively small group of people, the effect that their efforts have on the community is not negligible. This year the group, led by my lovely mother, Fawn Nekton, is looking for more new projects – so if you have something you think Occidental could use, or that you would like to pursue, come to one of the meetings. There are always smiling faces, attached to people that are interested in helping you!

There are some people whose job it is to advocate for us country bumpkins: the 5th District Supervisor. Its election season, so watch out for new regarding the election and the candidates. I called the Registrar’s office to see if I could round up some information, but left the experience rather confused, and the deadline for officially entering the race is a ways away, so I’ll keep you updated. 

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!