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North Coast Winds - Robin Joy Wellman - February 2016


North Coast Winds - Robin Joy Wellman - February 2016

One of my favorite moments in the day is when I am out walking with the sweetest dog in the world, Rose. I also believe it is one of Rose’s favorite times of the day too! We explore new trails in our parklands on and off the beaten path. Most of us all know this, but being in nature taking in the natural surroundings changes your mood and your entire day leaving you feeling restored with improved outlook and mental performance. Of course three days is great, but even 15 minutes is good. Green space is all around us. Taking in the ocean, the redwoods, the meadows, the wildflowers, the whale spouts, and the littlest of creatures in the tide pools is a gift. How about camping in one of our local campgrounds for a short adventure! I used to take my boys camping at the Anchor Bay Campground for an overnight. It meant everything to us. The Nature Conservancy surveys found only 10 percent of American teens spend time outside every day. Our community might have better stats but I don’t often see our local teens out and about on the trails. Friends, it pays off in so many ways to get your family and pets outside. See you out on the trails.

I know February is usually for lovin’ our people – but let’s stay on track and turn the attention to our pets we love so much. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight our Redwood Coast Humane Society. They are an amazing group of dedicated people in our community taking care of left behind sweet babies that need a new forever home, assist with spay and neuter costs, help with feral animals, and assist our community with great resources. Please consider volunteering, or donating. A big shout out to my son, Noah, and his family, who just today adopted a new dog, Scout, from their local human society. Please visit the Redwood Coast Human Society website at I would also like to highlight our two local pet stores, ARFF and Outback Garden and Feed in Point Arena Both stores have the most friendly people helping you out with all your pet needs. If they don’t have it, they will order it. Their prices are great and they strive to serve our local community. And last – a shout out to B Bryan Preserve at They have been actively committed to the breeding and preservation of African hoof Stock for over a decade. Located in Point Arena they are the coolest folks around with a full schedule as they manage the herds, the cottages and house vacation rental, take care of the feeding, take care of the buildings, and are also great tour guides. Their animals range from critically endangered to endangered and include various species of zebra, giraffe, and antelope. Not a zoo, but a private preserve housing majestic African animals in large open fields. If you have not been out there please check them out. 

All of our pets deserve the very best. Please take care of them, love them, bring them in at night, give them the best food, fresh water and go for long walks!