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Love Where You Live, Literally


Love Where You Live, Literally

by Robert Bialkin

Love where you live. If you are reading this local Sonoma County Gazette, chances are you do. But if you don’t, do something about it.

Seems a bit too simple, but sometimes we take for granted just how much choice we have. Every night most of us are able to choose what we want to eat from just about anything and just about anywhere in the world. Like our favorite foods we tend to surround ourselves with the things we love. A home surrounds us more than anything. So if you don’t love (or even like) where you live, maybe it’s time to start thinking about making a move. Of course there are limitations.

Financial limitations come to mind. While income realities may prevent us from having anything we want, there are solutions. A simple shift into realistic expectations makes for more successes, and as a result more satisfaction. Try to enjoy what you have, and work towards what you want.

Sometimes external forces force us to make a move. A landlord selling a house out from underneath a tenant comes to mind. Some folks wait and move on someone else’s terms, while some start their search on their own time and move when the time and place are right.  Moving is definitely a pain, but certainly much less so into a home you now own.

Planning goes a long way to reaching long term goals, even daunting ones. Be surprised by how much visualizing and vocalizing desires manifests in reality. Seek out someone who can help you strategize. Sometimes doing something is not the move itself, but rather the act or acts that leads to the move. Work towards seeking a better career, start saving your money, or even just make a plan to start planning.

Spend less on Starbucks and stuff. Keep your debts low, including car payments. Pay your student loans, even if you have to negotiate a lower payment to avoid default. Ask for a raise. Ask for more hours. Ask for what you need. Give to those in need. Get more in return.  Be prepared to wait. Biding one’s time is often advantageous. So if you don’t love where you live, do something about it. 

Robert Bialkin is an attorney (CalBar 265854) and REALTOR® (CalBRE 01958883) and broker associate with W Real Estate (CalBRE 01795950). Not legal advice, but hopefully still helpful.