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Strength Training and the Mindset Movement


Strength Training and the Mindset Movement

By Molly Feller

Breathing, Mindset and efficient Movement (action) are heavily related in the modern world. Mindset culture has been gaining ground in the past couple decades as the recognition for focus in motives has been linked to key performance. 

One of the fantastic ways to get your mind right while strength training, being present in that moment of the kettlebell swing, is by controlled breathing. Breath is an essential aspect of bodily organization that should not to be overlooked. Invariably, it contributes to mental clarity and also returns the autonomic nervous system to a less elevated state before and after stressors. Breath is largely life, as all body power comes from the breath. “If breathing is not normalized no other movement can be.” says Karel Lewit, MD, meaning that when breath becomes compromised it consumes all mental focus. To be so aware of this while controlling your heart rate and physical stressors will surely give you unsurpassed communication with your own body and mind. Incorporate breathing intentionally into your progressive warm-ups, your workout- be it; yoga, CrossFit, swimming, kettlebell training, rucking! Also, remember your mobility and stretching (which are not the same!) to ensure complete closure to your workout and set you up for success for the next moment of action. Pursuing the development of strength in body, mind, breath, and energy, and you’ll focus and refocus into practicing what is at hand in the present, building awareness in your Self.  That can only be a wonderful thing. 

Ido Portal, a renowned movement coach states that “We all live in a body; it’s only a question of how well you move, not if you move.” The psychosomatic relationship (Body-Mind connection) is a superpower that we were all gifted with, but is often forgotten how to be used. Developing strength through awareness in proprioception is what Sonoma Strength Academy (SSA) is all about! Proprioception is by definition: the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium. In comes the intelligently designed movement program. This is key as most people do not have the time, energy, or knowledge to program for themselves. These programs must be customized to you, specifically! What are your intrinsic motivators or priorities, what is the current need to satisfy?

It sounds like a lot to ask to dive deeply into, but it really can be as simple as “I want to be here, surrounded with other motivated people.” Or “I want 2 strict pull-ups.” Both are good, both are creating a strong recognition in the mind about what you want even if the path is not yet clear. That’s where a quality coach can set fantastic structure and can provide guidance. Having a trained set of eyes that can spot and regress patterns is essential to progressing over training barriers and plateaus. Learn, adapt, rise, thrive to the challenge of the psychosomatic mindset at Sonoma Strength Academy. 

Austin Ersan is the Owner and Head Coach of Sonoma Strength Academy a.k.a. CrossFit Proprius. Austin has a passion for functional movement and 8 years experience as a mentor and motivator. Austin is a lifelong athlete with a background in soccer, Muay Thai kickboxing, and recently parkour. He is a Level 1 SFG instructor, Level 1 CrossFit Coach, and Level 1 Natural Trainer. Austin supports awareness in your strength attitude while encouraging authenticity in the individuals’ human experience. Austin is a lifelong local and currently resides in Santa Rosa. 

At Sonoma Strength Academy we teach how to move freely in the body while adding absolute strength to your movement and mind. It is our mission to aid those whom are ready to be free through movement. One way of doing so is by creating awareness in proprioception, which is an agent of change. 

The development of strength in mind, body, spirit- present and potential- in each body is limitless. Our goal is to educate and equip anyone with the ability to overcome age, physical, and mental limitations which are real and perceived. Basically, to instill hope and vision of who we were meant to be and who we can still become.  

A deep connection to wanting to earn confidence and courage in self is the only prerequisite to want to become Strong First. Good communication is the essence of aligning peoples goals and making it work more than just reps and sets. We cover awareness, alignment, balance and consciousness. If you want to live long and prosper, it takes an individual approach to training. 

Strong or strength, as with all words, is open for explanation by each man or woman. So explore that, define it. Pursue it. 

The kettlebell is a cannonball like tool of strength. It is effective, efficient, and safe at improving dynamic strength, many types of endurance, muscle building and fat loss. Pg 5, Porcari & Schnettler (2010)

Excess support in how SSA teaches crossfit differently:

“Slow down to speed up, and gain the amazing health benefits of a robust aerobic system. “ Andrew Read Athletic Adventures Strength Matters pg 4. 

slowing down and changing the prescribed wod to stay at 70% or less heart rate with a few spicy workouts thrown inhere and there.

CrossFit inconsistancies – complex movements preformed with bad biomechanics, training to fatigue, and a train to fail mentality. A box with boundaries. Not scaling but changing the movement entirely so that the correct movement pattern can be built rather than encouraging that you would just “get it” in time.