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Rue Furch will NOT run for 5th District Supervisor


Rue Furch declines 5th Distirct Supervisor candidacy

By Rue Furch

I feel honored that so many people I know and respect have urged me to run for the 5th District Supervisorial seat in November, an election that I firmly believe must bring a vital new voice for West County on the Board of Supervisors.

I will not, however, be that voice.  After much consideration, I have decided instead to focus on projects dear to my heart that I have already begun and have committed to see through to fruition – the development of sound regional and state policies on water, coastal preservation and land use.

I will be looking to support the candidate who will best represent West County’s interests, someone who recognizes the impacts now being placed upon residents and natural resources, and who will have the core values and experience to effect meaningful change.

Fixing our deteriorating roads is an issue that’s on everyone’s mind. In addition, the supervisorial candidate I support will be a strong advocate for:

  • Protecting our coast from overdevelopment and over fishing, preserving it for the enjoyment of ourselves and of generations yet to come.
  • Safeguarding our fragile and unique ecosystems – our coastal areas, hills and valleys, redwood forests, ranchlands, rivers and streams, for the richness they add to our lives and for the well-being of the threatened plants and animals that live there.
  • Assuring the sustainability of local farms and farm families, and of our fishing community.
  • Engaging fully the Latino and other underrepresented communities; recognizing the enormous asset the diverse demographic provides.
  • ·  Ensuring the quality and sustainability of our water supplies – preserving our rivers, streams and groundwater from the increasing pressures of changing and intensifying land uses.
  • Improving the economic vitality of our diverse Fifth District communities, while supporting the working people who live here.
    • Developing programs and policies to help families, reduce childhood poverty, and address the needs of veterans and the homeless.

And last but certainly not least:

  • Initiating aggressive climate change policies and programs.  It is time for action.

I’ll support and work diligently with the person who will best carry these values forward, and invite my allies to do the same.